August 1, 2008

Anonymous, meet the Mayor

The anonymity of the internet often brings out the worst in people, as the JT has seen often in the comments posted to its news stories. ("Editor's note: Please refrain from swearing AND using racial slurs. Thanks, JT Staff" is a not unusual response to deleted comments.) Nor is RacinePost immune, although -- thankfully! -- not to the same extent.

After a while, the subject of some of this animosity manages to shrug it off, as Racine Mayor Gary Becker must have been doing since the JT's blogs began. But once in a while it gets through even the thickest skin.

Such must have been the case Thursday, when Becker posted the following response on one of the JT's blogs to nasty criticism of his promise to help improve the neighborhood around the Martin Luther King Center (click to enlarge):

Coffee with the mayor, face to face at JavaVino on Saturday! It should be interesting to see how many of those who hide behind silly avatars and "names" like "goodoldraytown," "hottieblue77," "BwzrJr" and all the gang show up and identify themselves.


  1. Good for you Mayor Becker- let the bloggers show up and have a discussion with him. I doubt most will leave the confides of their home and will continue to complain and be bitter. Keep up the good work Mayor!

  2. Do they really know if that is the mayor? Anyone could create a user ID with the name "Mayor Gary Becker", couldn't they?

  3. Since when is legitimate criticism restricted to face to face or only when the identity of the person making the criticism is known?

    Reminds me of those that feel most of the internet is of questionable validity, but the books in the library are solid truth and fact.

  4. Pete

    You of all folks should understand why the public blogs have taken off at the J-T but since you seamed to have forgotten let me remind you
    The J-T only prints THEIR view point of anything no matter what the facts or the view of the public might be/ Proof would be in the decline of readership and ad sales. Folks will not pay $$ for a newspaper that does not reflect the community In other words the J-T in Racine is no longer impotent.
    The Blogs allow the public to say what they think (sometimes in Anger) other tools exist to do this and are used we have lots of Blogs out there now about Racine such as Free Racine among others. My guess is that more READ such blogs then the J-T.
    Remember that with WEB 2.0 the use numbers reflect folks who WANT that content vs get the J-T for the coupons or movie times.
    The old dead Tree Media is dead and gone!
    Every time the J-T pulls some anti- Ryan or Anti-Voss BS, write yet another pro- RUSD story ( all is Good in RUSD) with the public understanding that less then 50% of blacks get out of High School they drive a nail in their coffin.
    So with all the above the Blogs are a "poorman's" way of telling the City power mongers and the silly silly J-T why the people think.

    As for the Mayor doing his dog and pony show do you really think that after all the calls, Emails, and letters he received on such things as Making Racine a Sanctuary City
    Lack of Police Officers on the RPD
    Getting rid of the City Administrator and other issues that Mayor Becker simply pays no attention to, that this meeting will do anything other then allow the J-T to help Mayor Becker rehabilitate himself in the public eye?
    With respect Pete your lack of understanding that Racine is not the left leaning place you think it is and see using your blinders, is quickly putting the Post in the same vain as the J-T.
    I love that fact that you got the Point Blue facts out
    That you do investigate reporting

  5. I love it. Is it a dog and pony show? Probably, but so what? In my estimation, the entire "rebirth" of downtown is a dog and pony show to distract Racineans from the reality of the rest of the city. Bread and circuses are often more effective than matters of substance with the electorate.

    I consider this to be a nod to the power of the net. How politicians ever let something as democratic as the internet evolve to this point is beyond me. Obviously, they didn't see it coming and do not appreciate the depth of the sea change that is occurring. Nor do many of the traditional media. There is a generation coming up that does not know of life without the internet. How ya gonna placate them with skewed news and views when they can go anywhere for information with the click of a mouse?

  6. Sorry, had to go to a funeral. I guess the Mayor called MY bluff. At least the deceased wasn't killed by someone who doesn't look like us and was trying to turn his life around -

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