July 30, 2008

Local Obama campaign plans counter-event to McCain visit

The local Obama campaign will be hosting a counter event to Sen. John McCain's visit Thursday afternoon. Here's the details:

Racine Leaders, Residents to Discuss Devastating Effects of McCain-Bush Policies on Economy

RACINE – State Senator John Lehman, Representative Bob Turner, and Representative Cory Mason will join local residents at a news conference in Racine tomorrow, Thursday to discuss the need for a President who understands the struggles of working families and will turn around our economy.
With gas prices skyrocketing while oil companies are set to report huge profits once again tomorrow, Racine residents are looking for a President who will stand up for hard working men and women and reverse the disastrous Bush Administration policies of the past eight years. Unlike John McCain who will continue implementing many of the failed economic policies of the Bush Administration, Barack Obama will work to put money back in the pockets of middle class families and turn our economy around.

WHO: Sen. John Lehman
Rep. Bob Turner
Rep. Cory Mason
Racine Residents

WHAT: News conference to discuss devastating effects of McCain-Bush
policies on economy

WHEN: Thursday, 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Racine Campaign for Change Office
522 6th St.
Racine, WI


  1. Will the Mayor attend?

  2. Memo To: Lehman, Turner, & Mason
    RE: McCain-Bush economics

    In case you three haven't been following the news or have read the U.S. Constitution lately, George Bush is not, and cannot run for president this election, nor is he on the ticket as the Vice Presidential candidate so....get off the McCain-Bush BS!