July 31, 2008

Kissing babies is so passé

We linked earlier this week to a blogger's report about Marge Krupp, one of four Democrats running for Congress here, who took on Rep. Paul Ryan at the County Fair.

And whupped him. In goat-milking.

Well, it turns out, that was just a partial report. This, as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story:

The goat milking contest is an annual event for all politicians at the Racine County Fair. Because there are only two goat milking stations, Fair officials pair off two politicians at a time. Everyone has to wait his or her turn, but all are given the same amount of time to milk the goat, by aiming into a smalll bottle with an even smaller opening.

In addition to Krupp and Ryan, milkers included Democrats Paulette Garin (pictured at right), John Lehman, Lisa Van Koningsveld, Linda Flashinski. I assume there were more Republicans as well, but to tell the truth I wasn't there (and am planning to miss it next year as well.)

In any case, I hear that Garin got almost three ounces of milk from her goat, while Krupp and Ryan managed only a little over an ounce apiece.

Sad to say, the "official" record, logged on a yellow legal pad, is somewhere in the goat barn, beyond reach. We're considering filing an FOI request to get to the bottom of all this.

In any case, the pols say it was all in good fun. Not at all sure the goats would agree.

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