July 28, 2008

YPR announces new board of directors

YPR (Young Professionals of Racine) announced its new board of directors Monday. Here's the release:

Elections were held for the 2008-2009 Young Professionals of Racine board of directors. YPR’s board is often a starter board for young professionals looking to get more involved in the community. The board of Young Professionals of Racine welcomes 5 new members; Scott Terry from Fuel Creative, Marlene Keilholz from Johnson Bank, Mark Graceffa from Educators Credit Union, Matt Chamberlain from Perpetual Motivation and Chuck Swetland from Network Specialists.

The 2008-2009 Board of Directors is formed by: Chris Terry, President, Tracy Nielsen, Vice President, Chuck Christoffersen, Secretary, Mike Slye, Finance Chair, Courtney Graney, Events Chair, Ellen Tracy, Events Chair, Kevin Pinkerton, Marketing Chair, Christine Markusen, Membership Chair, Mark Graceffa, Professional Development Chair, Marlene Keilholz, Technology Chair, Kelli Stein, Vision Chair, and the following Member At Large; Melanie Cannon, Matt Chamberlain, Catherine Conaghan, Edyta Odorowska, Ben Smith, Chuck Swetland, Scott Terry and Melissa Udovicic.

"We are very pleased with this year’s board. There were some difficult decisions to make in this year’s election process; but we definitely feel that the people we have selected are a talented, passionate group of people who will lead YPR in a great direction," said Dana Grueter, Program Director.

Young Professionals of Racine is a membership-driven organization created in 2002 as a division of Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce as a vehicle to engage the next generation of Racine’s leaders. Founded by 12 enterprising professionals, the group has grown to more than 2,200 associates representing more than 150 companies regionally.

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