July 27, 2008

6-year-old girl possibly missing on North Beach

Fox 6 Milwaukee is reporting that a 6-year-old girl may be missing at North Beach. A witness called authorities and said they lost sight of the girl while she was swimming in Lake Michigan around 3:15 p.m. A dive team and paramedics are at the beach searching for the girl, who may not be missing. Fox 6 had not confirmed her disappearance.

We'll update as more information becomes available ...

Search turns up nothing.

Here's the JT report.

About an hour after the search began, a Racine County Sheriff's Deputy sped across the beach in his squad car. We wonder if Sheriff Bob Carlson thinks this is good police work... or merely a recipe for an engine overhaul? Here's a picture of it sent in by an alert RacinePost reader; don't try this with your vehicle.

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