July 23, 2008

A 'targeted' murder starts the day in Racine

Wednesday started out with murder in Racine.

As the Racine Police Department tells it:
At 1:01 a.m. officers responded to 3315 Victory Ave. for the report of an attempted homicide. A female occupant told officers that two masked parties had entered the home, and entered the upstairs bedroom where she and her boyfriend were sleeping.

The masked men forcibly removed the boyfriend from the bedroom, taking him downstairs and shot him in the face several times. The masked men then fled the home.

The victim, a 28-year-old male, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

In addition to his girlfriend, there were two children, 4 and 8, in the home at the time. Investigators are processing the scene and interviewing family members that were in the home.

Based on the initial investigation, there is a belief that the victim in this case, was specifically targeted and may have known his attackers. This is not believed to be a random attack.

Anyone with information pertaining to this investigation is asked to contact the Racine Police Department at 262-635-7700. Persons with information can also call CrimeStoppers at 262-636-9330.
UPDATE: At 8:28 a.m. this morning, Racine Police released the following information. It becomes less clear whether the victim was targeted or not:
The masked offenders did enter via the front door of the home, and as a result of that noise, they woke up the mother of the victim who had been sleeping on the couch. As she spotted the masked offenders, she screamed and her son (the victim) came running down the stairs from the second floor, spotted the offenders, and attempted to return back up the stairs.

One of the offenders pursued the victim, dragging him back down to the living room and demanded “the money." They then dragged the victim into the kitchen and a few minutes later, returned him to the living room where they threw him down onto a couch. One of the offenders headed for the door, while the other offender shot the victim several times in the upper body and face. The second offender then followed the first offender out of the area.
SECOND UPDATE: More now from the JT, which identifies the victim as Terrence D. Miller.


  1. I bet the Rev. Tony Larsen keeps the guitar and candles right by his front door these days.

  2. Hope for peace for the girlfriend and the children.

  3. And there are some who think that crime stories should not be printed.

  4. Wow I really feel for those children

  5. Given the circumstances, I only hope that some of this guy's other homies, or girlfriend for that matter can identify these idiots.

    To the girlfriend: I know your going to be hurting, but if you knowingly put your kids in a situation where drugs were present, well, I don't really know what to say about that. I hope you and your kids get the help you need and maybe be a little more careful when choosing the next squeeze, because your kids deserve better.

  6. Why doesn't the Mayor come out publicly and speak to us about what he plans to do about all the violent crime in Racine?

  7. There is no violent crime in Racine!
    It is all a myth! All Lies!
    We have 200 Policemen!
    No officers are retiring!
    The City Adim is a good guy!
    Sandy Tingle is causing folks to think there is Crime in Racine!
    Go to Uptown (in the daylight) see the pretty art!
    Go home before dark lock your doors and know that I your God I mean Mayor
    has made Racine safe for Art!

  8. Where is Police Chief Wahlen? Is he even alive. We have had so many murders and violent crimes yet he remains mum. Milwaukee's Chief is out in the community at each scene, holding press conferences, and actually getting these bad guys.

    Can someone from Racine Post check to see if Wahlen is still in Racine or what in the hell he is doing? I cannot believe there is not more outcry over this half-ass Chief. Racine deserves better!

  9. Maybe Mayor Becker wouldn't mind taking the blood of the victims in these shootings and making a pretty little finger painting to put on display for the "uptown"?

    And WTF is "uptown" anyway....there hasn't been an "uptown" since the library and coffee shops moved outta there in the late 70's!

  10. Wahlen is alive, but has unfortunately become a "politician". So as Spinner was, same game, different name.

  11. Wayne Clingman - why can't you learn how to spell?

  12. Chief Wahlen is a Mayor appointed kiss butt. He will not move without "Da Mayor" telling him. The Chief knows the police department needs more officers but he is not making that plea because it will anger the Mayor. The Mayor does not care for the city and neither does Wahlen. Maybe I should clarify that, Neither of them care for the inner city...All they care about is there political career...I am sure the Chief will have "his guy" Art "I'm the black representive" Howell in the papers and on camera speaking for the black community as to what should be done, just like at the peace march....

    Lets all have a drink!

  13. Art is a great guy and SHOULD be the chief of police anyway.

  14. Anon 6;40

    The Downtown Racine BTR show is coming back first new show rate the Racine City Council!