July 20, 2008

Spirit of Racine Triathlon overcomes foggy start

Swimmers trudge through the fog to the starting point

The big story at the start of the Spirit of Racine Triathlon this morning: fog. It covered everything. It limited visibility -- it was hard to see the buoys swimmers would have to pass, and impossible to see the safety boats.

And it delayed the start of the race...

But then it lifted! By 8 a.m. the first waves of what would prove to be almost 2,000 triathletes hit the water for the 1.2-mile swim, the 12.4-mile run, the 56-mile bicycle race. Here are some pictures from the beginning of Sunday's race.

Transition point a mass of bicycles and cyclists at 7 a..m.

A last moment to reflect, and get ready for what's ahead

As far as the eye can see: Swimmers waiting for the start

At 8 a.m., the fastest men's pros hit the water

Less than four hours later...winners!

All received finisher's medals...

...and this one also got the pretty girl!

We'll link to the complete race results as soon as they're online. For now, only this: The overall winner is Luke Bell, who completed the course in 3:49.58. Joe Gambles was second, barely a minute behind at 1:51.03. David Thompson, who won in 2006 and 2007 and was seeking a tri-peat, came in third, not quite four minutes behind with a time of 3:53.47.

Spirit of Racine Half Triathlon
Spirit of Racine Half Triathlon/Half Aquabike
Yesterday's Women's Only Triathlon and Blue Wave Sprint results HERE.


  1. Great pics, Pete, as usual.

  2. At bigger races, such as Ironman in Hawaii, the medical staff exceeds over 200 volunteer doctors, nurses, lab techs and other medical providers such as physician assistants. This number doesn't include the numerous volunteer massage therapists that also donate their time to these events. The medical tent can get quite busy, with 10 to 20% of competitors receiving medical care throughout the day. It's a long day - starting well before the race, and usually ending sometime well after midnight, once all the triathletes have finished.