July 25, 2008

Sixth Street getting another new restaurant

Sixth Street has its ups and downs lately. While the Tango Bar and Wilbur's are closed, the impressive Park 6 is open and now a new BBQ place is opening.

The owners of Fireside BBQ, 515 6th St. (Wilbur's former site), received a liquor license this week. Robert Watson and Crystal Morris appeared before the Licensing and Welfare committee to talk about their restaurant.

They described the restaurant as providing a relaxing, nonsmoking environment with jazz and 60s and 70s music for entertainment.

The committee approved the liquor license.

We have a call to the owners to learn more about the restaurant.


  1. Urban Pioneer8/05/2008 8:33 AM

    Yeah, Nice to see someone right back in that spot!! Sorry the construction made it hard for Wilbur to succeed. Keep the food quality and the service good, and you should make it. I'll try it the first week! Good Luck.

  2. Too bad it's closed now.