July 24, 2008

And we have a winner -- in a photo finish!

The pack turns from Main onto Sixth...

Superweek's morning and afternoon bicycle races through Downtown Racine were exciting, but nothing compared to the finale of the International Cycling Classic's races here on Thursday night, the Pro/1/2 Men's Race.

Scores of cyclists raced -- seemingly in one huge scrum for much of the race -- around Downtown. Here are some pictures ... scroll down to see the winner!

Here they are, riding up Main...

And the view from atop the judges' platform...

Examining the videotape to determine Racine's photo-finish champion

And here he is: Jonathan Page of Northfield, NH,
interviewed by Eddy Van Guyse, the "voice of Superweek" for 26 years.
Bucky Miller of Deux Rivers, Canada, was second;
Brian Buchholz
of Winter Park, CO, came in third.

Page talks with Dave Blank, president of the Racine County
Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Eileen Arnold of the RCCVB,
which brought the cycling classic here this year,
and for the next two years as well.

Our earlier story about today's preliminary races is HERE.

Friday, the series continues in Kenosha, then Saturday in Milwaukee and wraps up Sunday in Whitefish Bay. The International Cycling Classic website is HERE.

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  1. Please come back next year! Love these pictures! Thank you.