July 22, 2008

Doing it right: Impressive Park 6 club opens on Sixth Street

Thomas Holmes, coordinator of events at Park 6, stands behind the bar
at Racine's newest club.

Where'd this place come from?

I drove past Sixth and Park streets yesterday and saw the "Park 6" club for the first time. The front doors were open so I ducked in to find out when the club was going to open. Turns out it's been open for three weeks. ... so much for being on top of things. (I was still waiting for the salsa club to move into this place.)

Park 6 looks incredible. I met briefly with Thomas Holmes, coordinator of events at the club, and, in his words, "the man who made things happen." I'd try to describe the place, but the pictures below do a better job.

A view from the back of the club looking forward.

The club has a huge open space with a raised stage, floor to ceiling windows, leather couches, two pool tables, a dart board and tables throughout. It's obvious the owners sunk some money into this place, which should work out well for them. Let's all take note: You can't get by on the cheap. If you're going to do something, do it well and put the money in on the front side.

It's also completely smoke free. "We want people coming in smelling good and leaving smelling good," Holmes said. He added that they've only gotten positive feedback on the smoking ban, and it's smokers who are the most complimentary. (Don't forget the smoke-free celebration at Shilling's today.)

Here are the leather couches in the front window.

Holmes described the crowd they've gotten so far as being a little older and sophisticated. There's dancing most nights, and Tuesday nights there's a jazz jam session. The hours are 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Cold sandwiches are served from 5-9 p.m.

The bathrooms are getting rave reviews. Here's the women's bathrooms ...

... and the men's.

The Park 6 has a good chance for success. Holmes, who designed Park 6, owns three establishments in Milwaukee, including Temptation Jazz and Blues, Fitzgerald's and the Amistad Pavilion. He's in business with owner James McCaine. Kati Connor is the manager.


  1. This place looks beautiful! But isn't this a (former?) Jim Spodik building? If it's the one I'm thinking of there are two more huge loors upstairs so there is lots of room to grow or build in condos.

  2. downtown_racine7/22/2008 6:21 PM

    Spodick was trying to make a go of a brew pub in this old Klinkert Brewery building A.K.A. Grants Furniture building about ten years ago, possible investors were not swayed and the plan never came to be.
    The building has been empty for atleast 20 years, it had to smell musty inside and yes it is 3 very large floors with high ceilings.

    I saw some stylish fans inside and the doors are always open I doubt there is conditioned air, not that we need it down here by the lake most days a light breeze cools nicely.
    The place does look very nice inside, I hope they can make a go of it. I can surely see them taking some of H&W's cramped clients.

    I have seen Thomas driving that bright yellow C6 Corvette in between I94 and downtown quite a bit, now I know why.
    One sad thing is their is a banner on the light/signal post in front of Park 6 that has 6 6th St. shoppe names on it and 2 of those 6 are dead and gone, Wilbur's BBQ and Tango's Bar.
    Y'all 6th St. merchants can take down those rebuilding 6th St. flags down for awhile too BTW. They look plain silly.

  3. Looks nice. I'll be there! Hopefully the thugs stay out.

  4. "...Here are the women's bathrooms..."

  5. What's their address?

  6. It's in the 500 block of Sixth Street, just east of the parking lot from the former Historic Century Market, which is now Barack Obama's Racine headquarters.

  7. Has it picked up at all? The busiest I've seen it was with a small group of senior citizens dancing in the early evening. Later on that night, it was completely empty short of the bartender.

    As a frequent patron of H&W, I have no intention on moving across the street, non-smoking or not. There's nothing there that's luring me in.

  8. downtown_racine7/24/2008 3:49 PM

    Thats too bad, they better do something or end up like the Tango bar, Wilbur's or the last H&R owners who went broke.
    Mewonders if H&W is turning a profit or hemoraging money right now.
    I think bars are mostly dead during the week so it probably does not matter that I drove by last night as saw what looked like Thomas the main guy (his Vette was out front), a hot bartender and her hot friend inside with 1 patron. I was tempted just to stop in just to check the place out and see the 2 women but was greasy as the old Chevrolet transmission I just finished installing, around 8pm.
    I rarely drink and never go to bars so I wont be a "regular" at either.

    Neighbors would appreciate if Spodick or whoever else is responsible for the disgustingly overflowing foodstuff dumpster in the OBAMANATION-BLUEBERRIES-PARK 6 parking lot would get the nasty overflowing neglected dumpster emptied. Nobody wants anymore cat sized rats running around.

  9. I don't think Mr.Holmes or whom ever the new ownes are, are trying to take away H&W'S customers.Ithink change is good and you people should have an open mind (so what because you see a vette out side does that mean anything different or that,that person doesn't belong there.)I say welcome to the nieghborhood the place looks good and much success to you.

  10. im happy to see someone had enough faith to build somthing this nice in downtown Racine. hopefully this will bring out the young hip crowd that usually go to Milwaukee of chicago to dance. since there are no dance clubs in Racine. I think if people got over themselves and tried to support local bars. we would have a better night life here.

  11. I read everyone comments and I'm impress with what everyone says...but I have to go check it out for myself...the place looks clean and very nice and doesn't have that foggy glow to it as some of these ghetto bars do around here. I'm going to check it out.

  12. 12-2-08 We stopped in on Sat. night for a drink and were highly impressed! The place is beautiful. They have high class barware, great service, and a nice atmosphere. Having just been to South Beach, Fl. I thought it reminded me of clubs there.

    I found it to be a nice place to stop and have a well mixed drink with friends.

  13. Can someone please put up a page on MySpace for this place. I want to know a little bit more about it.

  14. What type of music is played at Park 6? Average age of patrons?

  15. Uh oh ghetto dj alert... Just heard zsmooth from milwaukee is now djing there and theyre advertising on v100.... CLOSING SOON!

  16. Pick up the phone

  17. I just read all the comments and it just amazes me how negative and ignorant people can be. Whatever happened to congratulating and supporting each other. Since when did advertising on a radio station with very high ratings become ghetto, or a just because a dj can keep the dance floor packed he's ghetto. If its not your type of crowd go somewhere else and take your narrow minded opinions with u. The world is a ghetto......name 1 state that doesn't have crime. I hop that the club is successful and everyone should check it out for themselves. GOD BLESS

  18. they need to start carding, there is ALOT of underage getting in!

  19. how old do you have to be?