June 20, 2008

Sprint struggling to activate new Samsung Instinct

Update: It's working now ... took a couple of hours. So far, it's a great phone. I love the unlimited video and Internet access. Sprint nailed the price points for this type of phone - everyone else will be following suit.

Original post:

So I bought Sprint's new Samsung Instinct today - the first day the iPhone competitor was available. It's a cool phone ... except tech support just told me they're having trouble activating it. I've been trying to make a call for a couple of hours, but keep getting Sprint's customer service. All they could tell me was they're working on the problem and it will be resolved as soon as possible. I figured no problem (it is the first day, after all), until the tech support guy said they may have to work something out on a future date. Uh oh ...

This is my only phone, and I do a lot of work over the phone. Usually these activations take an hour, tops (Verizon shifted me over in about a minute). So if this goes on for day, it's going to be a real problem for a lot of people.

It is a cool phone, though. I've been cruising around on Sprint's network, watching Comedy Central and checking out websites. Early reviews are saying it's not as good as the iPhone, but at $129 (after a $100 rebate) it's a step up from my old phone. Plus, Sprint has a great "everything" plan for $99 a month, which includes unlimited Internet, GPS, text and talk.

They're selling fast in Racine. The Sprint store on S. Green Bay Road is sold out, and they're hoping to get more tomorrow. While I was there, three other people bought the Instinct and a fourth asked for one (but they were gone).

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  1. Smoother interface than orig Instinct. 5MP camera/HD camcorder! Redesign is great. Accelerometer! Wi-Fi connectivity! 4GB microSD card included! Basically most of the features that the iPhone has, but better. AND on a much better network that AT&T.