June 18, 2008

Rep. Turner running for re-election

Rep. Bob Turner is running for re-election this fall. He was first elected to the Assembly in 1990, and has coasted to re-election since then. The one exception came a few years back when John Dickert challenged him in a primary. Turner won the Democratic nod and cruised in the general election.

Here's Turner's full announcement:

Turner Announces Re-Election Bid

RACINE, WI – State Representative Robert Turner (D-Racine) announced today that he plans to seek re-election to the 61st Assembly District in the State Legislature. Turner was first elected to the seat in 1990.

“I am grateful for the support I’ve consistently received from my 61st Assembly District constituents,” said Turner. My service in the Legislature has always been challenging and fulfilling. However, the past few years have been the most challenging, as we have dealt with the change in our state’s fiscal scenario due to falling tax revenues and a decrease in federal funding for state programs,” said Turner. “There has been reluctance in the Legislature to address the priorities that most of our citizens support,” he added.

“I want to help people listen to each other, so we can all work together in encouraging state solutions that are workable, yet cost effective,” Turner stated. Representative Turner said he hopes the voters will allow him to continue working to shape state policy in the areas of health care, education, tax fairness, crime, and the environment.

“My job begins with the individual, and then requires determining how state programs, policies and legislation can improve the lives of each resident of my district. Whether it be people in need, those who require assistance with tax forms or the Division of Motor Vehicles, or people wanting to advance new ideas for consideration in the Legislature, I thoroughly enjoy working on behalf of all the residents of the 61st Assembly District,” Turner emphasized.

“I once again look forward to hearing from my constituents as we discuss the well being of Racine, and how those of us at the state level can strengthen and encourage what’s best in our community. I trust in my constituents’ views and opinions, and I want to carry on with the task of communicating those concerns to my colleagues in the Legislature,” Turner concluded.


  1. This man Rocks!!
    Colt thinks Rep Turner is doing a great job.

  2. In all the years he has been in office, what has he actually done?

  3. "...I trust in my constituents’ views and opinions...". That's his first mistake. If not, then why is he not pushing for school choice, and the KRM referendum?

  4. John Dickert has made more positive things happen in Racine than anyone in any leadership position.