June 21, 2008

Pictures from the 2008 Lighthouse Run

Complete results are posted HERE.

The winner of the 10-mile run is David Williams, who also won in 1998. The JT's story is HERE. (Dave is the runner on the far left of our picture below.)

The Best Start First: Fastest runners led off the 10-mile race

Holding their ears for the cannon 'start' that never came

Everybody needs a cheerleader

The rest of the 10-mile field...

...followed by the larger 4-mile scrum

Crossing the Main Street Bridge

Passing the Wind Point Lighthouse, today's raison d’ĂȘtre

One of the younger runners, just 3 1/2 years old

Home stretch, coming to the Main Street Bridge

And, finally! the Finish Line

Bananas and Miller Lite: "But it's 9:30 a.m.," I said.
"It's Beer:30," she replied.

Something to tell the kids about...

...and the grandkids!

(Ditto, that grandkids thing)


  1. Pete, awesome photos ! You must have been on your scooter to have such coverage. Thanks for shining another positive light on downtown.

  2. Some of these fat slobs look like they are about to kick. God bless them.

  3. I got(along with a whole other group on the street) a parking ticket since my (our) meters expired by 15-20 minutes. Thank you Racine for being so nick picky and bush league on a day when parking is limited!!!

  4. I saw a runner enter his car after the race. I waited for him because I needed the parking spot. H gets in the car rolls down the window throws a banana peel onto th e curb and leaves.

    What a pig.

    Later that afternoon I'm driving down Main St and couldn't but notice all the paper cups strewn all over the place.

    What is/was the purpose of this run? Wasn't it to promote downtown? By 11:00 it was a ghost town. The only thing left was their garbage.

  5. As far as the complaint about the water cups on the roads, it's apparent you have not been around large road runs in the past. These runners are running 10 miles and it is for their health and safety that they have adequate water available to them at several points in the run. I have been to hundreds of road races, and racine was no different. The runners do throw their water cups and their is a crew who picks them up at the end of the day. You should be more thankful that thousands of runners were proud to choose Racine over other races that day. I think the day was beautiful, the run was very well planned out and organized. Kudos to all the helpers of the run, especially to the many water stations set out through the course. And I think I can speak for many runners, as evident by the growing number of runners choosing to run the race each year!

  6. Ya what is up with the Racine police!!! Parking tickets 15 mins after the meter expires. It looked like they were just waiting to get everyone! Nice way to promote this run... I will not do it again!

  7. Dunno about you other guys, but I had heard plenty of warnings that since parking is such a huge issue surrounding the race, meter times would be strictly enforced. We used one of the paid lots to be on the safe side, but if I'd had to use a meter, you can bet I wouldn't have counted on having any leeway, not even ten minutes.

    And yes, let's criticize the appearances of the runners. How many miles did you put in yesterday?

    Loved the race. Fantastic time! I'll definitely do it again.


  8. Go run someplace else then. It's an honor that they chose Racine, and we should be more thankful you say??? LMAO. It was a pain in the A** trying to drive from point A to point B w/out being inconvienenced by thousands of runners. What is Racine getting out of this? Runners spending money in the area after the race you say?? LMAO!!! YA RIGHT!! For all you complaining about tickets, don't come back, most Racine residents could care less and don't want you back anyway!! And take your banana peels and cups with you , you dirty pigs! Show some GD respect for this city would ya??

  9. My understanding is that some of the race proceeds pay for the police overtime. As for the inconvenience, how hard is it to plan ahead for an event that takes three hours? Guess what - this event does more in terms of economic development (runnersa from corporate teams or business people who now think about Racine) than all of the millions spent on salaries and websites combined.

    I don't like the fact that someone threw a banana peel on the ground, but the cups? Sorry, runners don't carry the empty cup for the rest of the race - you might try Googling "race" and "run" and "cup". Be careful using the term "most people" too - I'd rather the cups and friendly people than the wonderful locals who let thier dogs crap in my yard and in my driveway AND throw plastic bags of dog crap into my gardens . . .

  10. I ran in the race, and traveled from out of town. This was my first visit to racine. I thought I would be going to a geto, and was pleasantly surprised to find Racine a very nice city to visit. The city square and streets are very well kept and the pride people take in their homes is appearant. Thank you to all the volenteers who passed out water and cleaned up after us. Your encouragement was appreciated very much. Your efforts makes races like this possible and so much more enjoyable for the runners.

  11. Anon 8:54 , You obviously missed the other 90% of Ghetto Racine. Don't be fooled.

  12. For the gentleman complaining about the cups and encouraging us not to return to Racine...you are a very sad individual and I feel sorry for you, to be such an angry person. Whew....not even sure what "LMAO" even stands for...not sure I care! But I am returning again for another 10 next year!

  13. I say we line the route with bananas!

  14. So what if Racine gets very little out of this run....it's all about a bunch of people having fun togther, enjoying life and staying healthy. I'd rather be this way, than being a crabby person complaining about banana peels!

  15. Most of the runners probably left because there wasn't much to do - remember, normailly, there is a presentation at Harbor Fest afterwards. Since there was no HF, there was no reason to stick around.

  16. go carlene