June 18, 2008

And baby makes...

The Racine Zoo has had its share of babies this season: meercats, lion cubs and a tur (a form of goat).

Here are some pictures of the kids, from smallest animal to largest.

First, the meercats, a small mammal and member of the mongoose family that comes from South Africa. Mom Sydney had her four babies on April 3.

Here's one of the babies, already alert for predators.

Next, the West Caucasian Tur, which Wikipedia describes as a mountain dwelling goat antelope found only in the western half of the Caucasus Mountain range. Ours was born on May 18 to mom Daisy and dad Tarek.

Daisy leads the way for the unnamed male baby

And finally, here are three of our four new lion cubs, born back in September. The babies -- three males and one female -- now weigh about 150 pounds each. They may be napping, but mom was alert, pacing back and forth.

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  1. We have enjoyed the journey of these cubs and it was so much fun watching them grow and play. Thanks for the gift of having the lions here and now the zebras. Way too cool!!