June 20, 2008

County still not meeting on Superior Linens

Here's a story from a few months back ...

The county's Health & Human Development Committee will meet for the first time since we wrote an article on March 19 noting the committee canceled a meeting where they were scheduled to discuss Ridgewood's supply contract with Superior Linens.

This was news because some pretty serious questions were being raised about Superior Linens and the claims they made to win a contract from the county. County officials said the mistaken claim - Superior said they were accredited, but they're not - did not factor into the company winning the contract. Superior simply offered the lowest and best bid.

It's not the first time questions have been raised about Superior. Dane County canceled its contract with the company after employees came forward with some disturbing allegations.

It's also the story where the county's corporation counsel launched a bizarre and personal attack on Supervisor Diane Lange at a County Board meeting while the rest of the County Board sat by and let it happen. Lange was the supervisor to ask questions about the contract.

So, is the county going to address the issue? As of now, the answer seems no.


  1. There never was an issue Dustin, there was Diane Lange making noise to get re-elected.

  2. They postponed the meeting in hopes Lange would be defeated, she wasn't and won by a landslide as did Ken Hall. Diane Lange didn't have to pass gass to get re-elected. I hope she gets Superior Linen by the throat.

  3. Dustin, you show your unwillingness to be even handed and a front for the Unions and Lange and Hall, when you don't even report on the Supreme Court case the County won. If the County would have lost the case, you would have it all over the place.

  4. The Supreme Court ruling was posted as our lead story 5 minutes after I learned about it. Thanks for the tip!