November 9, 2010

Racine Health Department launches WIC campaign

The City of Racine Health Department today announced a program aimed at signing up eligible WIC clients before the winter weather hits.

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program provides food to help pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children under five years. You may qualify if you live in Wisconsin and you: are pregnant, breastfeeding, or a new mom in the last six months; have an infant or children under five years; have a health or nutrition need; and earn a household income meeting WIC guidelines.

Dottie-Kay Bowersox, Public Health administrator, said, “With the coming cold weather, many families are worried about the higher costs: home heating, extra clothing, medical care, and more. This can make it hard to afford healthy food for mothers and young children. The City of Racine Health Department wants to make sure WIC eligible families are signed up for benefits before the winter months.”

You are income-eligible for WIC if you receive Kinship Care, W-2, FoodShare, BadgerCare, or Medicaid, including Healthy Start. WIC uses the same income criteria as free and reduced school lunches.

The Racine Health Department is sending out mailers, above, to neighborhoods which often use WIC services. Those eligible should call the WIC office at 636-9494 for an appointment, then bring the mailer card with them to receive free Racine Zoo passes for some healthy and educational family time.
For more information, contact the Racine WIC Clinic at 262/636-9494.

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  1. I have been paying my taxes without fail for decades, worked here until retirement, still pay unified taxes even when I have no kids using the services for years,support local businesses and I HAVE TO PAY to get into the zoo.
    I see now that I had my life plan all wrong. Where the Hell is my reward for doing all of the right things? I want to see how much money was wasted on this giveaway.

  2. p.s. by the way... this give a way isnt just for now. this goes on year after year.

  3. you have to know how to play the system. thats how most of these people get all of the free give-a ways... from our tax dollars.

  4. We have to let these girls/women know about WIC? I thought that when they were having sex with good-for-nothing babymakers that they already knew all about the great benefits that come with destroying society with illegitimate children and having others foot the bill for them.

  5. Why don't you miserable haters crawl back under your rock?

    WIC gives low-income mothers money for food supplements and health care for kids who have virtually nothing; it's only for kids up to age 5 who are at risk.

    Back off and get a life.

  6. You know what, AL, most of the anonymous commenters here (including myself, I'm one of the ones who left one of the above comments) are more than happy to help people who are really in need. I'm not advocating for denying these people health care for little kids, OK?

    What we're trying to point out here with these snarky comments is the DEEPER, FOUNDATIONAL issue of: When is the out-of-control baby-making gonna stop? When are the fathers of these kids gonna come out of the woodwork and support their own children (and their mothers)? When is the black community gonna get a clue as to the impact they are having on the destruction of their own community? When are we gonna stop handing out free condoms and contraception so that these girls think twice about getting buzzed and sleeping with some guy just because there were feeling insecure one night?

    I know there are exceptions out there. Obviously. People are entitled to make mistakes. I've made some doozies of my own. But the issue is the repeat "mistake" that is encouraged and perpetuated in these communities as a way of life and some of us are sick of paying for it.

    I mean, why finish high school when the state will pay for everything for you, anyway, since you've already got 2 kids and you're sure to have more? Free handout beget free handouts beget free handouts.

  7. Tired of handouts too.11/14/2010 8:14 AM

    Kudos to your comments Anon. I work in L&D and have a first hand look at the downward spiral of our society. The baby-maker fathers, if they attend at the hospital, are dubbed "corner decorations" as they slump and text. They don't usually come by on the second day, and probably never again.
    Also, in the fine state of Wisconsin, these women are not allowed to have tubals until age 21, and must sign at the office 30 day prior to delivery. They can be on their 3rd to 5th kid by age 21. Some have begged to have the tubal if the parameters are not met- but are denied by the state.
    I have heard a new teen mom, told by her friends, "good, now you're in the system". They know how to work it well.
    By the way, WIC now provides Dominos pizza. So, your food is delivered (no tip for the working driver). Where is the nutritional value in a Domino's pizza? Seriously.
    The cycle of poverty and social dependence starts at conception.
    Stop rewarding poor decisions.
    Hang out in your local birthing center waiting area- it is apalling.

  8. I'm pretty sure those free zoo passes are just that: FREE. They didn't cost any tax dollars because the zoo probably donated them. For those of you who are fuming that you make too much money to qualify for a free zoo pass, let me remind you that by signing up for WIC, these ladies are likely to end up with reduced medical costs because they're healthier and their babies are healthier. Do you want the zoo to give them a free zoo pass or do you want to pay their NICU bill?

    I'm really not impressed with a lot of the WIC program. It does enable, it makes formula feeding instead of breastfeeding too easy, and it wastes a lot of money. But giving a low income mom a free zoo pass I would say is the least of WIC's woes!

  9. You guys are all confused and have no heart. Get a life and stop bashing people in need. You all must be Republican pieces of shit.