November 8, 2010

New Racine entertainment website launches

A new website that promises to make it easier to find something to do in Racine has just launched. is an online entertainment source and events calendar for everyone planning a night out or a fun weekend in Racine County.

Whether you’re in the mood for theatre or Packer game bar specials, fish fry or a gourmet dinner, live music, Gallery Night, seasonal events or a festival, says it will provide an easy way to discover the entertainment opportunities available here.

The site now lists 350 businesses and cultural organizations in the restaurant, bar, band and entertainment sectors, offering information on each establishment as well as tools for businesses to post live music schedules, events, specials, coupons, photos and videos.

“This website is a great vehicle for area businesses to market to their customers professionally and inexpensively with a medium that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” co-owner Caroline Fritchen stated.

RacineNightOut offers musicians and bands free profiles with the ability to post gigs and upload their music to the NightOut Radio, another feature of the website, that plays music by local musicians. Audiences will be able to locate where their favorite bands are playing or listen to their music.

“Much of our entertainment relies on the arts: musical, performance, culinary and visual, it seems only natural to combine them on one site to reflect our growing creative community,” said Maureen Fritchen. “Each week we will also feature a local musician or band and a visual artist on the site.”

For more information visit or email

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  1. I like how you post the lies about the Train so we can't talk about them and the upcoming ethics trial of Doyle

  2. is so much better.

    RacineNightOut has been live for some time.

  3. Given our gangs and their activities, yuppies may encounter all sorts of entertainment in The Dumbbell City. Forgive me for seeming crass and crude, but anyone who wanders around Racine after sundown is asking for trouble.

  4. RacineNightOut has been live for 6 weeks.

  5. Is this somewhat like Scene262?

  6. We do have bar specials like Scene262, but we are going beyond the bar & music scene by also focusing on other entertainment such as theatres, museums, galleries, outdoor recreation, family events and everything in between. We also feature local restaurants and coffee shops.



  7. I'd say RNO appeals to a broader demographic than 262. Way.

  8. If you want to know the bands, bars and the story behind events, are you going to RNO?

    I don't think so.

    Besides, it looks the same as a hundred other sites. Just punch in 'city name here' You'll see what I mean.

  9. is pretty cool. They do a good job with that web site and print publication

  10. I like a lot too.

  11. Ditto on Scene262! Great job and good luck to RNO...

  12. Scene 262 is a fabulous site/paper. It fills a niche that keeps our city vibrant. As someone commented Scene 262 has the stories behind the bars and bans. RacineNightOut does not. And though Scene 262 and RacineNightOut overlap is some areas they market to different audiences. While RacineNightOut does have band and bar listings the primary goal is wider entertainment options: Arts, Culture, Family Fun, Outdoor Recreation and Restaurants to name a few. There is also a listing for free entertainment for all ages and a space for a weekly featured visual or performance artists.

    Yes, RacineNightOut does look like a lot of other sites around the country. About 250! It is a national brand. Travelers are aware they can add a city's name to and find all the local events, sites and sounds. And though it is a national site it is run by local people who know their city.

    Scene 262 fills a niche. RacineNightOut fills another.