November 12, 2010

Library's bookstacks reopen to browsing

Is there more light on the stacks and reading area, or does it just seem that way?

Ah, the joy of rummaging through the library's stacks of books, movies and CDs, looking for nothing in particular but anything that catches your eye.

That pleasure -- denied us for the past 10 weeks while the second-floor adult section of the Racine Public Library was closed for renovation (new carpet, asbestos removal, construction of some new study rooms, etc.) -- is available once again.

The library reopened today, to heavy traffic, as those of us who've been going through text-on-paper withdrawal are now allowed back in the stacks. Lots of catching up to do! Early reviews are good: everything seems much brighter and lighter upstairs. Which is a good thing, since nothing is where it used to be, and it will take a while to get used to the new layout. But have no fear: there are maps, and helpful librarians ready to point you in the right direction.

Welcome to the Neighborhood -- one of several new topic areas

Graphic novels in the young adult area

My favorite improvement: current issues of popular magazines are grouped together,
making them more visible and more accessible

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  1. I would be interested to know how many people even knew (or cared) that the library was closed? The daily traffic in the library has to be single digits.

  2. Stop by sometime and see for yourself!

  3. Anon...if that was true (which it isn't), that would indicate the brain-less, stagnation of the citizens who strive to be lazy slaves to TV and the internet as opposed to the desire to learn and grown both personally and professionally. Books and other reading material provide these opportunities. All for free or very little cost.

    A public library is a community's single greatest asset. You'll be surprised what you can learn and do at your local public library.

  4. I have been to the Racine library and would not go back. My small children were frightened by the sight of bums and perverts sleeping on chairs and lurking around. We'll stay in the 21st century and use the Internet for their school paper research.

  5. The computers there see heavy use each day.

  6. The Racine Public Library is tops and it is maybe the most popular place in the downtown.

  7. "We'll stay in the 21st century and use the Internet for their school paper research."

    You can't do real research on the internet. Wikipedia is NOT a source.

  8. "You can't do real research on the internet. Wikipedia is NOT a source."

    Typical Racine line of thinking. Let's keep living like it is 1910. I would be more willing to trust content published in 2010 on Wikipedia than information published in 1900 like in the RPL book collection.

    All this money spent on books, magazines, and newspapers that can be viewed for FREE online. Time to close the doors on RPL.

  9. Anon 4:42: Your ignorance is overwhelming.

    Nothing is free online. First you need a computer, then an internet connection. All cost money.

    Beyond that, not all books, magazines and newspapers are online, and many that are require fees to get beyond the paywall.

    More importantly: Why are you so angry? Did you lose your library card?

  10. Anon 4:54

    I think your ignorance is more evident!

    Nothing is free online? Really? Better check again - this site appears to be "free". You can go to McDonald's and get a free internet connection as well as millions of other locations. The only people today that don't have a computer might be some hillbillies up in a mountain.

  11. I never read posts or comment walls because everything descends into an argument. I actually checked this one because I thought, surely no one could possible get into an argument about a library reopening, wrong.

    I like Racine, but not all the negativity from its citizens.

  12. The Racine Public Library is one of the greatest assets of our community. The only people against books and knowledge are tyrants and fools.

  13. I bring my 3 smaller children to the RPL on a semi-regular basis. They have never been "frightened" of anything there. I think that anon is making that up. Personally, I think if my kids did see these "scary" people it would be a great lesson...let's talk about it with them. When I was in school (I'm 32) we actually LEARNED how to find books in real card catalogs. I think it's sad that people would think that libraries are outdated and computers are the way to go solely. Computers are wonderful but let's teach our kids the basics. Going to the library is not just's driving there, talking, plugging a meter, walking, seeing, elevators, stairs, PEOPLE, story time, being quiet when necessary, questions, views of the lake, INTERACTION....going to the library is a fun trip for us. Books aren't just for research a book for fun! Let your kids feel the magic of selecting books and taking them home, tons of books even. If your children are still young enough and not totally turned off to this sort of thing, I would dare you to bring them there. See if they think it's more fun to go to the library or sit in front of the computer doing "research".

  14. Glad to see the pro-library camp in the lead on this discussion...keep your narrow minded self sheltered at your home, annoying anon. 4:42

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