September 8, 2010

National chain joining Pick N Save at Highway 11 and 31

Web cam view of Mount Pleasant's future Village Hall 

I recently ran into Mount Pleasant Village President Carolyn Milkie at the Farmer's Market where she works selling produce for a relative. She gave a quick update on future plans for the northwest corner of Highways 11 and 31.

It's not secret that Pick N Save bought the property that now houses the Mount Pleasant Village Hall. It's prime real estate and made sense for the village to move its aging buildings, including the police and fire departments, to a new location.

What's somewhat news is Milkie said there are plans for three "out buildings" on the site that will house national chains of some sort or another. She couldn't say what specifically is going in there, but at least one of the out buildings has been filled with a national tenant.

As for timetables, the village plans to move into its new building in April. You can check in on progress on the village's web cam at:

Here's a good JT story on a "green" element to the new Village Hall. 

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  1. There are still too many secrets in Mt Pleasant. Too many closed sessions too. Trustee Albeck successfully pushed one issue into open session recently. Once the discussion on that issue begun it was clear to everyone in the audience that the issue belonged in open session not closed session like Milkie tried to do. Hopefully, the responsible trustees can get more of the village business out in the open where it belongs.

  2. Under Wisconsin law, there are monetary penalties that are personally levied against elected officials who violate the open meetings laws. Somebody should take a closer look at past closed meeting minutes (they become public eventually) and perhaps forward something to the district attorney or state attorney general if, indeed, they're talking about things behind closed doors that the law requires to be discussed in the open.

  3. You can only get Milkie and her group out by election. There is an election in April 2011. She and the current administrator love to keep both the residents and the current board in the dark on issues related to money being spent by them at the expense of the residents of Mt Pleasant. Hence, the need for all of these closed door sessions. You do not need all of these closed door sessions. Until you get rid of Milkie and Andreasen,the closed door sessions will continue. The new board can only do so much. The residents have to continue the job they begun when they put in a new board and get rid of the current village president, Carolyn Milkie. She can not handle the job without Andreasen.

  4. Shut up, sit down, give me your money and do as your told. Don't you just love it.