September 10, 2010

Gateway to teacher RAMAC training classes

Gateway Technical College has entered into an agreement to partner on future training offerings for RAMAC’s membership.

Gateway will provide its expertise and teach RAMAC’s catalog of training offerings. Classes offered this fall range from supervision training to human resource and effective planning.

“Our new relationship with Gateway allows RAMAC to better meet the training needs of our membership now and in the future,” said RAMAC board President Daniel Risch. “I am excited by the possibilities that this partnership will provide to the association in expanding the breadth of training to which members

Gateway Technical College President Bryan Albrecht said he is looking forward to the partnership forged with RAMAC for the training offerings.

“Gateway is proud to partner with RAMAC to enhance and support the training needs of our local community,” said Albrecht. “This new partnership will increase the service capacity for RAMAC members and strengthen Gateway's commitment to workforce education.”

The move provides RAMAC with the opportunity to tailor course offerings and class sizes to meet the specific needs of its members and the business.

“RAMAC now has the resources to offer nearly any training program that is needed by our members, and has the flexibility to scale our programs accordingly,” added RAMAC President and CEO Michael Kobylka. “Workforce development and having a trained populace is vital to the needs of our business community. RAMAC will continue to work to ensure that our companies maintain the highly trained workforce that is required in today’s global environment.”

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1 comment:

  1. Good grief. Gateway is the last place I'd go to learn how to run a business. They've been demonstrating for years that they don't know how to run a real business. All they know how to do is spend guaranteed taxpayer money.