September 7, 2010

John Stossel Michelle Malkin to appear at Racine TEA party's Sept. 11 rally

Michelle Malkin
New Update, Thursday, 4:30 p.m.: Michelle Malkin is NOT coming either...

Update: John Stossel is out. Michelle Malkin is in.

That's the word from organizers of this weekend's Tea Party gathering in Pershing Park. Fred Dooley over at Real Debate Wisconsin had the scoop.

Malkin, a New York Times best-selling author, is a conservative newspaper columnist who has gained international acclaim, and derision, for her occasionally controversial work.

In 2004 she wrote a book, "In Defense of Internment" arguing that the U.S. rightfully detained Japanese Americans during WWII and should have racially profiled Arab-Americans in the post-9/11 war on terror.

Her latest book, "Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies," was No. 1 on the NY Times best-seller list for six week.

Original post: One if by land, and two if by Racine.

It'll be two bright lanterns for Tea Party supporters this weekend as Racine hosts a Sept. 11 "Tribute and Town Hall" at Pershing Park. The event will feature Fox News anchor and former 20/20 co-host John Stossel, Rep. Paul Ryan, and American Idol contestant Krista Branch, among others.

Thousands of people are expected for the Racine TEA Party event, which is billed as nonpartisan but appeals largely to conservatives rallying against President Barack Obama and Democrats.

Stossel is famous for controversial, provocative, and occasionally exaggerated, investigative stories on national TV. He'll be joined by Ryan, who has embraced the Tea Party movement and is fast becoming a national Republican political leader. Branch, radio host Vicki McKenna, Milwaukee God Squad Pastor David King, and Climate Legislation Expert from Congress of Racial Equality Niger Innis are also scheduled at the rally, which is scheduled for 2-3:30 p.m. in Pershing Park.

Nancy Milholland, Racine Tea Party coordinator, said the gathering is meant to bring attention to economic issues being discussed on the national level.

"November is coming and we want voters to understand that policies such as Cap & Trade would devastate the economy in Wisconsin," Milholland said. “The politicians who have refused to listen to the people while they were losing jobs are also suddenly looking for ways to improve the economy – because they finally realize their jobs are now on the line. It’s much too little too late."

The last major Tea Party gathering drew 4,000 people for a bonfire. This event is expected to draw many more, thanks to the national figures.

The TEA Party gathering is drawing criticism. Local critics, pulling from the TEA party members' own websites, paint a picture of angry, fearful people who seem open to violence in response to government policies. Here's a selection of writings by the 912 Patriots of SE WI, a group closely aligned to the TEA Party:
·         “I certainly hope that is the case but I feel they will go house by house and take away your guns quietly, just like they did in Katrina… How will your neighbors know if they come to take your guns and what will you do? “ 
·         “Like the TEA Party, armed citizenry won't have a head to cut off and stop them.  Anarchy will be our friend if we are prepared. I'm not too worried.”
·         “Let me just say at the onset that I no longer recognize this communist regime as a legitimate US government. With all the attributes that come with illegitimacy. Therefore whatever they have to say has no effect on my life. I will do what ever I feel is constitutional and is within the pages of the Bible. At this point I will send the first government employee who gets in my face and tries to impose rule over me on to judgement. The war is inevitable if the senate doesn't squash this monstrosity the communist's call health care. I don't mind, as a matter of fact I would be honored to fire the first shot. You see even if they kill me, I still win for I died FREE.
Just a thought.”
·         “We must pray for Holy Vengence on the evil people in DC so that the Final bill is defeated...”
·         “The Italians had the right idea when they had a party for Mussolini after WW2. They dragged him out in the public square, hung him upside down and castrated him.”
·         “I've done the math but I ask all open their eyes and prepare accordingly. I would rather and I pray I'm wrong but if I'm right I would rather be prepared. If your not prepared be willing to accept what you prepared for.  Unfortunately, nothing will preserve [liberty] but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined. Patrick Henry “
·         “Revolution sounds good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
·         “This is the LAST straw. This muslim in the White House has tipped his hand… I have had it with trying to fight them using the law… THIS OVERTHROW OF OUR COUNTRY IS DIBERATE. IT IS TIME THAT WE STOP PUSSY FOOTING AROUND WITH THESE TRADERS… This is not going to stop without revolution. The elections are fixed, the laws are changing to imprison us…”
·         Coupons for Firearms
·         “Attached are files of the excellent Martial Law preparedness…”
·         Removed from website: “I agree we are beyond compromise. ..We can always weed out the treasonous ones as we go election to election. Now you know how I feel about doing this the slow way and if I had my way all these sob's would be placed in one massive burial.
I get through my frustration by realizing that anything these politicians do that is not within their power to do simply does NOT apply to me. Gun laws, vaccinations, freedom of speech etc. I will do what ever I want as though they don't exist. If the time comes that they get in my face before the true changes can be made then that will be time to exercise my rights with extreme prejudice.”
·         “I wanted to forward this and let the group know that I posted our Sat event on Oath Keepers with an open invite to any and all that would like to attend from that group.”
·         “Our country is a sinking ship. I believe we could use a life boat at this point. With no other real option we need to get behind conservative candidates (maybe with a gun to their head) holding them accountable and I pray, plug the hole in the hull.”

·         “The Muslims gather like roaches in small communities…”
·         “No Muslim should be allowed to hold office anywhere in the United States or in any non-Muslim country period… Allowing them in is no different than allowing a communist into office, or a Nazi…”
·         “The Islamic mosques and Islamic schools should be closed as they are dens of evil full of followers…”

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  1. Pete or Dustin - you say "Stossel is famous for controversial, provocative, and occasionally exaggerated, investigative stories" Occasionally exagerated? By who's standards. Is this a news story or an editorial?

  2. "with a gun to their head" are you kidding me?! I can't even compute in my brain this kind of hatred. How is this stuff just sitting casually on their website with no one knowing about it?!

    I am literally ill.

  3. I wish I could say I was surprised, but I cannot. This is evidence of the putrid underbelly of the Tea Party movement I always knew was there. Thank you for exposing it.

  4. "...occaisionally exaggerated.."
    Stossel almost ALWAYS exagerrates and blows things out of perspective and ALWAYS with a right-wing point of view. He is a joke - but the Tea baggers love his twisted version of Main Stream Media.

  5. Here's Stossel's correction and apology for his reporting on organic foods:

  6. And here's Stossel saying private businesses should be allowed to discriminate against people:

  7. Who are these people?! How do they afford to hire John Stossel? How do they think they will get away with talking about hanging and shooting people? Are they that dumb or that bold?

    They talk about shooting people in the government and then put coupons for guns on their website!

  8. This is a hate group.

  9. Dustin - you are missing the point - is this a news story or your editorial??

  10. This is the same group that organized a "workshop" to smear the Racine Interfaith Coalition in May. They said RIC and CUSH in Kenosha were going to destroy Wisconsin churches.

    These people are dangerous.

  11. I feel safer surrounded by TEA Partiers than I do in my neighborhood surrounded by gangbangers and thugs. TEA Partiers talk and hold rallies; thugs actually kill people, every single day, and all our government does is enable them to grow stronger. I am tired of being held hostage in my own country.

  12. Most importantly, though, I am tired of paying taxes to support those who refuse to work or raise their children, blame others for their problems, and then demand more "free" money for more and more thugs.

  13. Yeah, Tea Partiers hold rallies and secretly talk about Muslims as cockroaches and shooting and hanging people. That is thuggery.

  14. These people actually live in my town? It's incredibly sad that people have allowed themselves to be misled like this, and even sadder that they advocate violence. (And sort of sad that most of them don't know how to spell ...)

  15. Anon 10:29 "How can they afford John Stossel?" This "grassroots" movement is funded by billionaires, among them the Koch Brothers, who have finally found a bunch of stooges to scream out their anti-government, pro-pollution messages. Poor Tea Party souls -- you are doing the work of people who care only for themselves and their bottom lines. You think they care for you? Wake up! You are dupes.

  16. Yes We Can - spend more money on a useless stimulus plan that cost more than 8 years in Iraq. Yes We Can - turn our health coverage into socilized medicine and reducing coverage and quality of care. Yes We Can - allow 10 million illegals to remain in our country and do little to stop more from coming in. Yes We Can - buy up car manufacturers instead allowing capitalism to work. Yes We Can - turn our heads from the Constitution. Yes We Can - lie about bringing unemployment under 8%. Yes We Can - screw up everthing that we touch!

  17. We are all dupes - the only difference is which liar you are shilling for. No politicians on either side give a damn about you or me - they want the power and the money, that's all, honey.

  18. The posting above from the member who said:“Let me just say at the onset that I no longer recognize this communist regime as a legitimate US government..." is a classic position of right-wing extremists like Timothy McVeigh and Joseph Stack-the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin.

    That it is fueled by further statements of violence is more than frightening. This is a right-wing extremist group. Their ties to this event is a shame on our entire community.

  19. Did anyone notice that the quotes shown are NOT from a Racine TEA Party website? I don't think they are affiliated with the 912 group at all. Why is Racine TEA Party getting a black eye for the views of others? Seems like someone is trying to stir a pot, rather than focusing on what looks like a great event for this Saturday.

  20. Sir says, " ...Yes We Can - turn our health coverage into socilized medicine and reducing coverage and quality of care ..."

    I don't know about you, but my health care plan is significantly better after health care reform. I got an annual physical that cost me nothing in co-pays, a free flu shot, cancer follow-up screening and more help with expensive prescriptions, all for no extra premiums to me.

    Once people get into this a while and stop listening to the persistent nay-sayers, they're going to find out just how beneficial it really is.

  21. The 912 Patriot group is hosting a booth on Saturday. David King- a speaker at the event is a member of the 912 group. Chris Wright, candidate for State Assembly is a member if the 912 group as is Bill Folk, Chairman of the Racine County GOP. It is all rotten to the core.

  22. 11:35 - take a look at your taxes at the end of the year and then tell me how great it is. Wait until there are 10 million illegals receiving coverage - see how fast you can in to the Dr. There is already a shortage of Dr's - who's going to handle the influx? The coverage and convenience will be gone - or are you a freeloader letting everyone pay for your way?

  23. See, 11:35, there is no such thing as "free." Your medical costs may have gone down, but someone else is paying more for it. Who? The government? That's the rest of us.

  24. Chris Wright is not only a member, but spoke to these wingnuts on Saturday - he put it up on his facebook page.

    I want to know exactly how he and these other politicians fit into all this. Saying you did not know is just not believable - it's all right out in the open.

    Or are we electing people who are members of hate groups these days?

  25. As I said, I got I got a physical, a flu shot, cancer follow-up screening and more help with expensive prescriptions.

    Every one of those benefits are designed to lower health care costs, which was the point of the reform.

    People who get preventive screenings don't run up as many huge bills later for problems that are cheaper to treat earlier on.

    Prescriptions cost less than corrective surgeries, and the drug companies agreed to cut prices as part of the deal that achieved health care reform.

    It's gonna cost less, not more, to provide more effective early treatment, rather than costlier care down the road.

    That's the whole point.

  26. 11:31 is correct. This is radical extremist code language.

    "I know I’m hardly the first one to decide I have had all I can stand. It has always been a myth that people have stopped dying for their freedom in this country..."
    -Joe Stack

    "I would be honored to fire the first shot. You see even if they kill me, I still win for I died FREE."
    -912 Patriots of SE Wisconsin

  27. "I decided to send a message to a government that was becoming increasingly hostile, by bombing a government building and the government employees within that building who represent that government."
    -Timothy McVeigh

    "At this point I will send the first government employee who gets in my face and tries to impose rule over me on to judgement. The war is inevitable..."
    -912 Patriots of SE Wisconsin

  28. I bet King George was worried about the upstart colonists, too.

  29. The 912 Patriot group is hosting a booth on Saturday. David King- a speaker at the event is a member of the 912 group. Chris Wright, candidate for State Assembly is a member if the 912 group as is Bill Folk, Chairman of the Racine County GOP. It is all rotten to the core.

  30. These people are all connected.

  31. 11:54 - You are an idiot.

  32. SHAME ON YOU RACINE POST FOR A VERY MISLEADING HEADLINE! "Critics question posts on groups website." It is not the Racine TEA Party's website that the quotes are from, but the headline right below the Racine TEA article sure infers it is. Please clarify this!

  33. Nice. We aren't violent radicals, it's just our friends who are participating and speaking at our event.

    Well that makes all the difference doesn't it?

  34. Anybody But Ryan9/07/2010 1:11 PM

    Paul Ryan is a Tea Party featured host?! This after voting for TARP, rubberstamping huge deficits and taking millions from corporations? If that's the case, if one of the two is not a fraud - they both are.

  35. Notice that whenever sir runs up against a reasoned argument he can't counter, he simply calls you an idiot.

  36. 1:24 - I suggest you look at my 11:35 comments - you are an idiot also.

  37. The "we're just a grassroots group of concerned citizens" is complete bu!!sh!t.

    I went and looked at the links. Not one person in this group said anything to dampen the violent rhetoric, if anything they encouraged it and agreed.

    That they are participating on September 11th a day of terrorist tragedy after encouraging violence on other Americans is a disgrace.

    A disgrace totally on the the shoulders of the Racine TEA Party

  38. Really Dustin ???? "Critics question posts on group's website". The "Critics" being who? You Dustin? Why use this topic about the Racine TEA Party, and John Stossell and then attribute a bunch of anonymous comments on the 9/12ers Meet-up site. Look at the items posted on Facebook or on the RTP website. You will not find this sort of commentary. There may be a few members who are in both groups. But our Racine TEA Party has worked diligently to focus on mostly Tax and Spending issues. This tribute and Town Hall is a Racine TEA Party event not a 9/12 event. When they host an event it might make sense to link commentary. But even then it was ANON posters, who can write whatever they want. Your "POST" has lots of crazy things posted anonymously..does that mean everything posted is "Your" position? Of Course not. But your linkage of these points to Our event is reflective of your editorial bias, and is not the "News". The Fact that you criticize Stossell for a few items inappropriately and then do the same thing yourself in your article about him is worth noting as well.

  39. David King-Racine TEA Party frequent speaker, Candidate for WI Sec. of State and speaker on Saturday-member of 912 Patriots

    Bill Folk-Racine County GOP Chairman-member of 912 Patriots

    Chris Wright-Candidate for State Assembly-member of 912 Patriots

    Van Wanggaard_Candidate for State Senate appeared for the group in December 2009 with John Lieber.

    912 Patriots hosting a booth at the Racine Tea Party Town Hall on Saturday.

    These postings aren't anonymous posts they are discussions by members in messages ALL members receive.

    These groups are so interconnected you can't tell where one stops and the other begins.

    That a group closely associated with the Racine Tea Party has been invited to participate, members are invited to speak -after publicly calling for violence on Americans- is an utter disgrace to the memory of September 11th.

  40. Anonymnous comments posted on a website? How afraid are you of people who employ their right to free speech and assembly? This is hilarious. I have had a HUGE smile on my face all day. Your fear and loathing of democracy is priceless.

  41. I would like this called an editorial,and labeled as such.
    You have every right to post this is your site but do not be surprised when you called out for doing a political hack job

  42. Orb, you are so dense. These aren't anonymous posts at all. Click on the links, you can see their names and even pictures of the authors.

    Some of the worst ones are written by John Willock aka "Hunter John". Here's a taste:

    "We must pray for Holy Vengence on the evil people in DC"

    " I will send the first government employee who gets in my face...on to judgement"

    "The Italians had the right idea when they had a party for Mussolini after WW2. They dragged him out in the public square, hung him upside down and castrated him. This sent the message throughout Italy that the people must be heard."

    "This is the LAST straw. This muslim in the White House has tipped his hand.
    He is a trader to our country...I have had it with trying to fight them using the law."

    That's one guy. He uses his name and all members get his posts. He was one of the main leaders for a while- an interesting position of importance for someone who is so keen to shoot a government worker in the name of freedom.

  43. Mr. Brown,
    Didn't your mother tell you if you lay down with dogs...? You've got fleas all over you and your event sir.

    Their nutty writings aren't a secret and they've been more than proud to use their own names for well over a year. The fact that so many people tied to your event are also tied to them is just bad vetting on your part.

    It's way too late to claim the 912 group don't speak for the Racine TEA Party when you invited them right into your own bed.

  44. OMG, crazy things said by crazy people on the web! OMG, call out the marines. lol. Try living in a neighborhood where your life is threatened personally, regularly, by thugs on welfare.

    It is hilarious, I am laughing, laughing, laughing. This is one of the best days I've had in a long time. Thank you, Racine Post.

  45. When and where is the counter rally being held?


  46. How do you say Muslims are cockroaches and give tips and advice in case Marshall Law is declared and expect to be considered a legitimate organization?

    I especially like their headline: Knowledge through Education. If that is what they call education, I'll take a correspondence course thank you.

    They have no place among reasonable people and they don't seem like they are very fun either.

  47. Counter rallies for the tea party are held every Sunday in your neighborhood church. Orbs, the best we all can do for the folks in the tea party is light a candle vigil or pray that they get well.

  48. Hey Ken- Are you guys putting your 912 Patriot friends to the right or the left of the Hamas booth?

  49. If you take the time to click on all the links, the comments were all from 3-4 people. That is out of an online forum of just under 200 people. You can no more attribute the ramblings of a few to the whole any more than you can the views of the Discovery Channel hostage taker to the enviromental movement.

  50. I am so glad to be reading who the TEA partiers really are.

  51. 3:39 That's a ridiculous comparison.

    The Discovery Channel guy wasn't an employee of the Discovery Channel so he wasn't a member. He was random to the organization.

    Dustin only put up some of the postings that are concerning for reasons of violence, racism and intolerance. There are many more.

    However the more important point is that these writings are by members and leaders. They were never discouraged or moderated by any other members-ever. These comments were public meaning they could have been read by anyone.

    If I belong to an organization were even a minority of people say public things which are inappropriate and hateful, I can either discourage this behavior or quit. Silence equals consent.

  52. "How do you say Muslims are cockroaches and give tips and advice in case Marshall Law is declared and expect to be considered a legitimate organization?"

    I think that members of a group that fly aircraft into buildings (9-11) or kill women for getting jobs (Afghanistan)commit mass murder based on Skin color and region (Sudan)
    Kill dr's who provide polo shots (Nigeria) Cockroches what would you call them?
    and should Marshal law be declared I will resist. Of course you will not because you have no clue what this county means other then a hand out

  53. That's great someone dumb enough to agree and defend these dumba$$es. When you finally flip your nut the rest of us taxpayers will have to pay for your hospitalization.

  54. 3:56 I never said the hostage taker worked for the Discovery Channel. He was an enviromentalist who advocated human sterilization to control the pollution of humanity. It is safe to say that he doesn't represent the views of all enviromentalists. It is also safe to say that these remarks made by a few do not represent the whole of the group.

  55. Anon 12:02. Every candidate from the major Parties has been "invited" John Heckinlivly, Russ Feingold, Tom Barrett, etc. included.
    At the Bonfire in January every Senate, Gov and Lt. Gov candidate were invited to speak. The Libertarian, and Constitution Party candidates showed up.. the Dem's declined our invitation. Just because we invite a group doesn't mean we automatically endorse them. Pastor David King has attended events at Churches all over the State..does that make him automatically a member of every church? Dave Westlake spoke to Blogging Blue and Drinking Left..doesn't make him a Lefty.
    Guilt by association is an old tactic..and it's getting TIRED!

  56. Now that these comments have been linked to Racine Post...Does that automatically make Dustin an auxiliary member of 9/12? And thus a sympathizer, since it's on his Blog?

    Regardless of the commentary offered on the 9/12 Meet-up's doesn't automatically include the TEA Party folks.

    The TEA Party has no membership fees or ceremonies, nor rules for admission, or membership rolls. ANYONE can join or claim membership... Including Dustin and Mike Tate, John Dickert or Jim Doyle or Barbara Lawton, or Sarah Palin. We don't kick people "out". Besides if someone chooses to write on another blog, including this one the message posted is that individuals and not the Point of View of the group.

    Episcopalians, Baptists, and Methodist are all "Protestants"..yet they don't all agree.

  57. The politics of polarization require that you demonize anyone who holds a viewpoint different from yours. "They" are the enemy and are related to Satan. Anyone who dares to think for him/herself by picking and choosing candidates must be destroyed. Vote party line or die!

  58. There is a reasonable argument to be made for respecting the difference of opinions.

    Hate speech is a different matter entirely. The Tea Party movement makes a lot of noise about people making assumptions that they are racist, extremist and intolerant. The Racine TEA Party has invited a group that has dabbled quite publicly in some extremist language.

    So what to they do? Instead of refuting or condemning this language they whine that this group doesn't represent them even though they are invited guests and participants.

    There is a reason the TEA party is's because you stand for nothing. Not even upholding the smallest standard of appropriateness for your partners within your movement.

  59. let's get the winners from 912 together with the winners from park 6 and have ourselves a little shin dig. could be a good time.

  60. When you associate with crazy extremists that does make you guilty by association. Maybe that's why the Democrats didn't show up because they actually understand the concept.

    Just because you didn't take the time to actually find out who David King hangs out with makes you lazy not innocent.

  61. Too bad! We made it a point to attend Russ Feingold's "Listening" sessions, and Paul Ryan's. Agree or not it's a good idea to hear what both sides are saying. I do hope the Dem's will accept the invitation this time. but if you want to write off 41-53% of the voters who self identify with the TEA Party...that seem a bit defeatist.

    As for Hamas? They weren't invited..but I'm sure their busy busy busy rearranging their Bomb Cache's and inventorying their suicide bombers now that the "Peace Talks" are underway...Code Pink, Act-up & Cindy Sheehan also declined to RSVP..evidently now that it's "Obama's War" they have decided to catch up on their organic gardening or something instead. :^).

  62. Kevin Presser9/07/2010 6:26 PM

    Congratulations Pete and Dustin. You have resurrected Yellow Journalism to a new low! It's kind of you to include a few comments from a few radicals to paint an entire movement with the broad brush of lunacy. This is the same as declaring everyone associated with as traitors for endorsing burning President Bush in effigy. I have no use for, but I will not condemn all the prople involved for the actions of a few.

    By the way it seems to me the Racine Journal Times appears to be much less progressive than it was when you were reporters and Brandt was the publisher.

    I do not believe in censorship. I believe in the off button. Therefore, I will no longer patronize this site.

  63. I can't believe it took so long for these guys to make the news. Back in May when they went after the Racine Interfaith Coalition saying the 22 churches in Racine who participate and hold candlelight vigils for homicide victims are a front for Obama! Then they show up at Juneteenth Festivals in Racine and Kenosha with this completely bogus history of the civil rights movement written by David King.

    In reading more of their comments it's no surprise they believe the President is a Muslim and of course they believe he was not born here.

    There is no more perfect venue for displaying their ideology than at the Tea Party Jamboree on Saturday. They are all one and the same.

  64. Link to my response on

  65. TEA party patriots will come assemble in peace, not preach hate, and The Racine Post will find the on e or two objectionable signs in thhe crowd and make a big deal out of it completely missing the larger group.

    Happens every time.

  66. Nice try to increase traffic to your blog. Who cares. The 912ers are the dark secret the mainstream teabaggers don't want to talk about. Just because you are loosely organized and even admit there is overlap they are still rightwing extremists who have said and done things any sane person conservative or not would readily condemn.

    And yet you don't...

    Chris Wright is a member. David King is a member. Bill Folk is a member. Even crazy Jane Siler is a member. An interesting mix of new and old guard Republicans. What did they have to say to the hate and violence within their own group. Just like you...nothing.

  67. Jane Siler never claimed to be a Republican.

  68. TEA party stands for "Trashing Equality in America". Does this group realize who is funding them and who is leading them around by their noses? Big rich guys who have an agenda - that's who!

  69. I'm glad Paul Ryan is finally showing his real self by joining with the tea party group. His slickness has fooled many people - he doesn't really represent the majority in his district! He has acted like he is for everybody - wrong! He really represents those who have lots of money. Do you realizre he has over a million bucks in his "war chest" from the health care people. Guess who he represents?

  70. ~John Stossel is coming to Racine for free? Who is paying his speaking fee? I read on the JT he gets $30 to $50k. No doubt Americans for Prosperity (aka Koch Industries) is paying his way.
    ~Paul Ryan who has collected over $250,ooo from big oil and coal (aka Koch Industries) couldn't say no to the invite could he?
    ~Niger Innis, climate denier and AFP All-Star happily works on behalf of front groups funded by Koch Industries.
    ~Toss in David -God Squad- King, Republican Candidate for State Secretary, author of the most ridiculous theory on the civil rights movement...hoping to get a full-time gig with the AFP Roadshow.
    ~All that was missing was some good old fashioned right-wing hate and threats of lynching the man and here come the 912ers. Perfect.
    They say they are a nonpartisan group advocating for responsible government, who does the Racine TEA party think they are fooling?

  71. The TEA Party is NOT the 9/12 group. They are different organizations.

  72. This liberal rag needs to be shut down. It really bad about it's one side liberal crap!

  73. Then why is one of their members giving the invocation? Why are they having a booth at the event? Why do they announce and attend TEA Party functions? Maybe they are just those cousins everyone has that you hope don't show up for Thanksgiving because they get drunk and spill chew juice on the couch.
    Well, TEA Party, the cousins are coming and you invited them.

  74. Nice OP-ED piece.

  75. The TEA Party invited everyone - including the Obamanizing for America group, which is using this event to promote a food drive for all the poor starving souls down in Obamaville.

  76. Readers,

    Let me make on thing clear. This comment is not about the Tea Party or any political issue. People in all communities will be conservative and liberal. We all must recognize this. Having said this we need to remember as we read and write our responses to this article and other similiar ones, what the consequences are and who they benefit.


    Always always remember with every headline and choice of what is written by this and every other media outlet, the goal to increase ratings. It is no accident this subject was elevated by choosing quotes which increase emotions. All this is designed to get you to return over and over to see what comments people emotionally respond with. Again, knowing the effect on their ratings. This does nothing to bring community together. It does the opposite.

    If this article was actually a piece of news journalism you would read about only the facts. When, where, who and what. It is when "why" is included that things get really muddy, especially with news stories on politics.

    We need to think more about increasing community not dividing it. We need to increase respect of our neighbors and to work together with both conservative and liberals. If not we get what we have in Washington D.C. right now. Gridlock.

    What is not being reported by the media is the coming reduction of natural resources which fuel our economy. Ever wonder why the media isn't talking about that? Our country, which I love and I know you do too, is going to go through a painful period in the next number of years. Locally, we need to keep all this in mind as things progress so at least we can still be neighbors. You do have neighbors, right?

    Just because you use the Anonymous option doesn't mean you are excused from responding in a responsible community way. Otherwise, in years down the road, you just may feel sorry you didn't.

  77. I'm glad to know what these people really think. It's sad they are so angry and misguided.

  78. This article is such a fine example of YELLOW journalism - it should be HIGHLIGHTED. The Post took a page out of 'Rules for Radicals' by trying to 'marginalize' opposing views with distortion. Sorry Dustin but WE The People will not be marginalized!

  79. " a classic position of right-wing extremists like Timothy McVeigh and Joseph Stack-the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin."

    Joe Stack was no right-winger.

  80. I give credit to the Post for having the guts to post some of these excerpts. These are actual public discussions, ones that anyone could have stumbled across. That readers are reacting emotionally is because the statements are repugnant. They are presenting a facet to this event that is real no matter how flattering or not it is.

    Whether that brings the community together or divides it is besides the point.

    This movement has no leaders and it doesn't have much in the way of accountable members. It is a hodgepodge of factions some of whom have some frightening ideas. This isn't a surprise to anyone.

    That this leads to some kind of discussion about what is acceptable or not is useful to all of us because we have more information than just appears in a press release. Because it is ugly doesn't mean it should be swept under the rug.

    This is a painful period, rhetoric like what I read above is one of the many reasons. We have to root out hatred and confront it or it festers.

  81. This is not journalism. Digging into comments made in a discussion forum, that is over a year old (note the 2009 date on many posts), is not newsworthy. Unless you are writing some gossip tabloid for your grandma's entertainment. Seems like someone got jealous that national figures like Jon Stossel, Nigel Innis, Krista Branch and others will be at the Racine Tea Party's 911 Tribute & Townhall. So they went dumpster diving, digging through old postings. Labeling chat postings in a discussion forum as a representation of the views of a group is just gossip mongering. No one person posting to a forum, to let off steam, saying things they probably would take back in another frame of mind, does NOT represent any group, but their own individual opinion(at that moment). The 912 group and Racine TEA Party group are separate groups. Linking this tabloid trash of yours to the Racine Tea Party group is not factual, but purposeful propaganda.

  82. A typical Racine ComPost opinion story.

  83. It sounds like those tea bag people were not breast fed.

  84. Hey Dustin

    Missed your story about Obama standing next to Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, who has advocated violence against non-union members. He explicitly told strikers to "kick the shit out of" employees and mine operators resisting union demands. UMW enforcers obliged him. They vandalized homes, fires shots at a mine office, and cut power to another mine, temporarily trapping 93 miners underground.

    Worse yet, a union goon on July 22, 1993 murdered heavy equipment operator Eddie York, a nonunion contractor, shooting him in the back of the head in his pickup truck as he drove past strikers at a Logan County, West Virginia work site; a bunch of goons then proceeded to pelt York's would-be rescuers with rocks.

    Rather than apologize, Trumka offered the following rationalization: "I'm saying if you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you're going to burn your finger."

    President of the United States associating with violent thugs, and you don't think it's a story, Dustin - but this concocted pile of dung, that requires you to imply that another group is the TEA Party, is a story? Shame, Dustin, shame!

  85. RacineGal,
    You hit the nail on the head. We all make statements or do stupid things we wish we could take back. Especially when it effects others that don't hold your point of view.

    I feel that if we are to be tolerant of people like Bill Ayers, a unrepentant domestic terrorist who actually blew up building, then kicked off Barack Obama's political carrier in his home and not blame the President for his association, then we cannot blame a much less sophisticated group of 200 members for the ramblings of a few.

    I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the monitoring of the TEA Parties by George Soros.

  86. One gathering like this was in the fields where Meadow Brook Country Club is today. They call them selves protectors of the American way! Waved American flags. They danced around burning crosses. It was the Racine branch of the Klu- Klux-Klan.

    Tea Party Patriots don't wear the sheets like their predecessors wore. But they're cut from the same cloth.

    They're a bit nuts -- but they have every right to gather on the lake front and dance around.

    It's the same old Republican crap with a new slogan.

    Read through some of the comments it's clear that some people have very dull lives. Or maybe they should just get a life!

  87. Racinepost -- Thank you for providing this open forum for people to express their views.

    I have yet to find out how much all this
    government spending has cost me personally. To be honest it's only property and school taxes that seem very high.

    Not much in my tax paying life has changed. Where do they come up with this stuff? I just send in the check each year if it's a few dollars more for someone to have health care it's not a issue to me. I consider helping ours my contribution to society.

    Keep up your great work. Read your stuff every day.

  88. I hear they're going to eat a live baby at the rally. Don't miss it!

  89. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the monitoring of the TEA Parties by George Soros.

  90. 9:52 rotflmao! you are the exact reason people don't trust the tea party. Infowars?! Are you serious?!

    It is interesting how commentators here are full of lots of excuses - these posts are old, this is only a few people,they aren't part of the Racine Tea Party. Not one person who supports the tea party has said this kind of hate and fear does not belong in our movement. Not one.

    You guys really are amateurs.

  91. Rees - there is not gridlock. Obama, Pelosi and Reed have crammed every bad piece of legislature possible through the past 18 months. The Democrat's time is coming to an end - and I am not a Tea Partier.

  92. I don't know if anybody noticed, but the person who wrote this column added his/her own little wording out to this person's quote. “We must pray for Holy Vengence on the evil people in DC so that the Final bill is defeated...”

  93. On the second selection of writings, the person who wrote this column took the liberty of adding his/her own quote to the writings “We must pray for Holy Vengence on the evil people in DC so that the Final bill is defeated...” This was not in the original person's posting. I looked into the postings for myself...check it out. No where in the posting is the saying “We must pray for Holy Vengence on the evil people in DC so that the Final bill is defeated...”

  94. That quote is further down in the thread, you didn't read the responses.

    People calling for violence against other Americans is very disturbing. Especially ones who call themselves "patriots".

  95. It may be further down the thread, but it should be with the rest of the post to put it in context.

  96. People committing violence against other
    Americans is much more disturbing than people calling for it. I witness that violence every day in my neighborhood, yet it is supported and financed by the government, and ignored by the self-righteous hypocrites who claim they want to help others. Generations of Americans, millions, have been murdered by poverty and crime as the government continues to take money from working Americans and gives it to thieves. That is VERY disturbing.

  97. These posts were made in 09. If I remember correctly, a lot of people were very outraged at the laws and bills the government shoved through without the support of the people and were questionably constitutional. I also recall that the SEIU and ACORN are the only ones so far that have committed any crimes of violence. I wouldn't worry too much about what is obviously some anger venting on the part of some people who didn't know of any other recourse.

  98. If the tea party people feel so strongly against both existing parties - why don't they run a candidate of their own and not always support the "party of no progress"-the Republicans. The initials "RID" describes the tea party people - ":Republicans in Disguise"!

  99. 12:26 Yes of course it is, that is why one is a crime and the other is free, but in poor taste, speech.

    Diminishing the 912 Patriots hatred of fellow Americans because worse crimes exist is just dumb. It's like saying I may be fat and should lose weight but there are some real fatty's out there too.

    So people were more angry in '09 than now? That is the excuse for their behavior?

    I looked through their messages online. When they aren't hating other people, they pass around every debunked email conspiracy circulating the modern world. Every crazy FEMA camp prison story and Obama is gonna poison our water and make us zombies type of nonsense.

    If there are reasonable people in the TEA party movement, they'd be well advised to put some distance between them. Inviting them to hand on Saturday only makes them look like the same people.

  100. The Tea Party is supported financially by the following people and organizations: Dick Armey's Freedom Works, Tim Phillip's Americans for Prosperity, and the Koch Industries brothers who have funded right-wing causes to the tune of $100 million. To Nancy Milholland: John Stossel, Vicky McKenna, and the American Idol woman are economic experts? John Stossel is a middle-of-the road politically? Do you think we are all stupid out here? Josephus says "NA." What Josephus does fear is a right-wing takeover of this country that will give the country over to the wacko right. These people want the country to go backwards, not forwards. I want my grandchildren to be inspired by leaders who look to the possibilities of the future, not to the prejudices and small-mindedness of the past.

  101. 3:02 Amen.

    If John Stossel is middle of the road then I'm in the ocean. How nice this group of grassroots citizens has a sugar daddy to fund their parties. The 30k they're forking out for Mr. Middle of the Road could help me pay for my kid's college.

    Can I be a chapter of Americans for Prosperity too?

  102. 3:02 Amen.
    What makes you think your "entitled" to 30K of someone else's money?
    Secondly, What if your kid is a moron like you? It would be a total waste of money.
    If you want to be a chapter of AFP, you can make a donation of 30K.

  103. How dare private citizens spend their own money how they see fit? Don't they know that's the government's job?

  104. DUSTIN: I am STILL waiting to see your story about Obama appearing in Milwaukee on Monday next to a violent union thug, Richard Trumka, who incited murder. We have a case of a someone who advocated violence and murder, standing next to the president. Why the silence?

  105. Spend a $100k, but don't kind yourself that you're a grassroots organization. It's called astroturf and AFP is pulling all the strings.

    Dance puppets dance!

  106. As someone who was at the first meeting of the Racine TEA Party group, I can say it is a geniune grassroots group.

  107. Anonymous 8:36 PM said...
    "I am STILL waiting to see your story about Obama appearing in Milwaukee on Monday next to a violent union thug, Richard Trumka, who incited murder."

    Anonymous 7:53 AM said...
    "I feel that if we are to be tolerant of people like Bill Ayers, a unrepentant domestic terrorist who actually blew up building, then kicked off Barack Obama's political carrier in his home and not blame the President for his association, then we cannot blame a much less sophisticated group of 200 members for the ramblings of a few."

    I must have missed the "let not your heart be troubled" part.

  108. I love this country. I come to America because in Mexico we can not talk like this. They arrest you for talking bad about government. Thank you for free speach.

  109. Pete & Dustin:

    Malkin is out too. It'll just be Ryan, the Tea Party and their little buddies who do the dirty work for them-the 912ers.

  110. Michelle Malkin is also not coming to the rally, per the JT.

  111. Michael Kroes9/09/2010 11:50 PM

    I planned to attend the gathering long before Stossel was announced. I'm still look forward to attending.

  112. still cant wait to go!

    sorry liberal post! you fail again.
    go do a story on JT advertisements again!

  113. Wow, alot of people on here have - “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity” - Sigmund Freud

    What is wrong with an armed revolution when the government gets out of control of the electorate, it is our duty.