September 14, 2010

Vote Today!

It's an election day!

There are two key races on today's primary ballot, both within the Republican Party.

Locally, the Republican nomination for Racine County Sheriff is up for grabs. Gonzalo Gonzalez, Ron Molnar, and Chris Schmaling are competing for a slot on the general election ballot. It's an important race because odds are the winner will be the county's next sheriff. All three candidates have run strong campaigns, and the outcome is up in the air.

Statewide, Mark Neumann and Scott Walker are running for the Republican GOP nomination. Walker is largely expected to win the race and the right to take on Tom Barrett in the Nov. 2 general election.

There are a number of smaller races on the ballot. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have primary elections for lieutenant governor. Democrats running are Spencer Coggs, Tom Nelson, James Schneider and Henry Sanders. Republicans running are Brett Davis, Dave Ross, Rebecca Kleefisch, Ben Collins and  Robert Lorge.

Locally, Rep. Bob Turner is expected to easily win his Democratic primary over challenger James DeMatthew, and Van Wanggaard should defeat Union Grove businessman Bob Gulan for the Republican nomination to challenge Sen. John Lehman in November.

Voting is countywide. If you need to find your polling place, visit:

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  1. The Turner camp is scared to death of DeMatthew. Racine Post is tilting the story to the advantage of their advertiser.

  2. I wish someone in media had explained the referendum. I work the polls and hardly anyone understands it.

  3. It was explained on various websites, however you had to search for it. I'm not surprised in the least the Journal Times had not reported it, if they did, I'm sorry... I did not see it. Racine Co. Exec. McReynolds Calls for referendum on amending state constitution to protect transportation funding. This referendum will prohibit government from using or transfering money from the transportation fund for non-transporatation purposes. The link below explains the referendum. Vote yes!

  4. If you haven't voted get out and exercise your right to vote. Don't complain if you don't vote. It seemed like a pretty good turn out at my polling place at mid morning today.

  5. Are all primary elections one party elections? I for one do not vote along party lines and would have liked to vote for in for Tom Barret for governor and Schmaling for the sheriff's race.