September 16, 2010

No truth to rumors about Tony Romo buying Racine's Meadowbrook Country Club, general manager says

The general manager of Meadowbrook Country Club said there is no truth to rumors that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is interested in buying the club.

"I have never spoken to Tony Romo in my life," said Niall Power, general manager of Meadowbrook. "If he was interested in buying the club, he would have to talk to me. But Brett Favre also wants to buy the club. That's not true either."

Power's statement runs contrary to sources with knowledge of the club. They say Romo, who lives in Dallas, has looked at buying Meadowbrook for his father to run. Sources for the rumors have knowledge of discussions by Meadowbrook's Board of Directors. We first heard the rumors about a month ago, and have heard them repeated at least three times by independent sources.

Power flatly denied the rumors. He did, however, confirm the club has streamlined operations since he took over about nine months ago. The club has laid off employees in its banquet and accounting departments and made other changes to cut down on operating costs.

"They were all business decisions to straighten out the club," Power said.

He added that he's heard the rumors about Meadowbrook's financial difficulties. But Power said recent changes have improved the club's financial outlook.

"There are a lot of bad rumors out there," he said.

Court records show Meadowbrook had two claims filed against it in August, and it also filed claims against seven people in small claims court. Outcome of the cases are still pending.

Meadowbrook also has unpaid property taxes from 2009, but Racine County Treasurer Betty Majeski said club officials have been in to see her and are working out a plan to pay the back taxes.

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  1. No one is going to buy the club until it goes into receivership.

  2. I just played the course, it was in very nice shape. Someone else must know something about this?

  3. The club management, today, is very poor. I just dropped my membership in early fall and it was due to the poor communication, the constant fee increases, and the inability to get the old, stock holding membership to make a decision to put the club in a better financial position. I hope they enjoy the value of their stock now that the club is in receivership.