September 16, 2010

Racine's 'Ball Star' releases video featuring the city

Here's an excellent new video from Racine's 'Ball Star featuring B Dubb" ...

You can hear from Ball Star, including their song "Pick N Save or Sentry," on their MySpace page.

Ball Star is Justin "Jynx" Christensen, Jesse "Jay Novel" Booker, and Tom "Tuts" Tuttle.

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  1. Like the Video good propaganda spot. Perhaps the Mayor can hire this group to do PR and fire the PIO. In fact what has the PIO done....?

  2. Saw these guys on Twitter, pretty entertaining. @jaynovel & @jaywhyenecks GREAT quality! Song wasn't bad either.

  3. Ball star works hard to represent their city and they also support other local artists from all over

  4. I'd love to hear more about these guys, a full write up would be amazing!!

  5. This video shed great light on the city and showed that young artists can be positive, creative, and inspiring!