September 22, 2010

City balks at backyard chicken ordinance

Sue DeKuester 1, Backyard Chickens 0.

That's the score after the city shelved plans to pass an ordinance that would allow city residents to have chickens in their backyards. DeKuester led the opposition and successfully organized a movement against the plans. Support for the chickens largely fell apart in recent months.

Alderman Greg Helding said he would consider reintroducing the bill at a later date.

Here's the JT story.

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  1. This should have been an easy win. Sue DeKuester was better at achieving her goals. I myself did not want to step on toes of the Pro Chicken effort. Well they tried and failed I will not
    This time its a fight
    Racine Must have Urban Chickens.

  2. So why was she so angry last night, and yelling at that young aldermen?

  3. Because she's an angry person. I wanted to see the chickens pass just because she was such a #$*@& about it.

  4. This is such a distraction from all the scandals in City Hall. Stay focused on the real issues going on in Racine government.

  5. I Testified on the role of nutrition in fighting infant mortality for Rep Cory Mason Joint Committee. Met great folks, bonus got to talk Urban Chickens in Racine and why we need them. Very interested group.
    Just because one group fell apart does not mean the effort is dead, more then one way to puck a chicken!

  6. Think about it you bring in the chickens you also bring in the roadents/hawk killings/noise/fighting of the roosters/dont forget about the smell and waste, if you want chickens move out to the county.

  7. Sorry 12:52 we have all the pests here now. and the law will not allow Rosters. If you do not want smell and waste stay away from the bars!

  8. Very sad the city let's someone like Sue D. get her way when Belle City Chickens had much more support and facts to make this work.

    She is an angry bitter women, and the alderman allowed her bitterness to win over common sense and facts.

    I would vote everyone of you out of office just because you lack the courage to face this lady. We need leaders not cowards! It doesn't mater to me if Racine has chickens or not... but to allow this one lady to sway your vote... that kills me.

  9. 11:36

    I want Chickens in Racine,however Sue D got busy and stayed busy. Pro Chicken forces not so much.
    I talked to two city councilmen, they both received pages of information from Sue and NOTHING from Belle City Chickens.
    Sue had 250+ names saying NO to Chickens and from Belle City Chickens.....

    Mind you the Chicken movement is far from dead just going to talk more time and a lot more work, that work has all ready started.

  10. Hay 1:07 stay on the subject bars are more cleaner then any chicken coup anyways besides that has nothing to do with the subject were talking about. Hay City of Racine we have problems with farrow cats, soon to have farrow
    wild pigs now you want to add chickens, sounds like this City of Racine is setting us up for a future tax or program to pay for the cleanup of a future mess they want to create if they allow chickens in the city. vote no for chickens and vote yes for smart people keeping them out of our city.

  11. 8:02:

    you left out the problem the city will have with


  12. Please do not confuse the City Counsel with wild pigs