September 21, 2010

JT readies story on city's case against Park 6

The Journal Times is ready to publish a story tomorrow investigating the city's case in favor of revoking the liquor license the controversial night club Park 6.

People interviewed for the story say the newspaper acquired emails from city officials talking about Park 6. The emails suggest the city had made up its mind early on about suspending the Sixth Street club's license instead of revoking. That's a story we reported last month.

The story may also focus on email comments made by members of the City Council's Public Safety and Licensing Committee, including some comments that may be embarrassing in public.

The crux of the article, expected to hit tomorrow, is the city's case against Park 6's liquor license. Park 6 owner Thomas Holmes, and his attorney, claim at least half of the city's claims against the bar can be refuted. For example, two underage drinking tickets tied to the bar were tossed out of municipal court. The city also claimed Park 6 was responsible for fights on Sixth Street early one morning, but Park 6 had closed two hours before the fights occurred.

Despite Park 6's arguments, city supporters say several claims stand against the bar, which has had several potentially dangerous incidents in recent years. They also wonder if Holmes' claims are so strong why he agreed to a 45-day suspension of his liquor license instead of taking his case to a due-process hearing.

Look for the JT's investigation to hit tomorrow's paper.

Update: Or maybe not.

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  1. Did someone call the J-T a newspaper?

  2. Who is city supporters? It is very interesting that the Post wants to be a viable news source in the community,yet it always uses the Journal Times. Interesting!!!!

  3. Report the news Dustin!! You know what the deal is so why are you playing games. You are only playing with yourself at this point. When it is not favorable to your little cause so you do not feel you have to investigate. SAD!!!!

  4. Uncle Cracker9/21/2010 9:23 PM

    What the hell is this city smoking? First their possibly poisoning little black children and now they are targeting the adult black male. I almost forgot, racism does not exist anymore, especially in Racine. whatever

  5. Anybody know what happened at the NAACP general meeting? All that hoopla about the leadership and general fund, and now dead silence. Shields is talking about chickens. What happened?

  6. Forget who may or may not be city supporters.

    Do you really think a place like Park 6 is an asset to a struggling downtown??

    Simple questions sometimes have simple answers.

  7. people of any race, color or culture are welcome anywhere downtown, as long as they play nice and adhere to the same rules that apply to everyone else. it has nothing to do with discrimination, it has to do with behavior and compliance with the law.

  8. If he could fight all these, why did he sign a document that admits his guilt?

  9. It's the 23rd now, where's the JT's story???