May 21, 2010

Neumann rips Walker for being 'weak on immigration'

Rough stuff in the race between Scott Walker and Mark Neumann for the Republican nomination for governor.

Neumann is attacking Walker for a somewhat moderate stance on Arizona's controversial anti-immigrant law passed earlier this year. Here's what Walker got bashed for:

"I have serious concerns about the Arizona law -- both because the law impedes on the inherent right of the federal government to do its job and to protect our borders, and also because in America we don't want our citizens getting pulled over because of how they look."

After getting pummeled for his radical opposition to racial profiling, Walker changed his position and said he was "comfortable" with the Arizona law. Neumann, smelling blood, pounced with a brutal commercial and online ads, including one (above) on The Drudge Report. Here's a screenshot from the commercial:

To see the entire commercial, go here on Vimeo or to  Mark Neumann.

Democrat candidate for governor Tom Barrett is probably sitting back thinking two things. 1.) It's nice not to have a primary. 2.) It's nice watching Neumann and Walker try to push every Hispanic vote in the state his way.


  1. Scott Walker, like Paul Ryan, has shown his true colors: nothing more than another career politician saying and doing whatever it takes just to get re-elected. Walker says what he truly believes, gets pummeled by supporters on FaceBook, then flips to tell voters what they want to hear just so he won't lose their votes. Then, if re-elected, he will flop back to his true opinion.

    As a life long conservative and long time supporter of Republicans, I can not endorse the hypocrisy of these two RINOs. By their words and their deeds they have shown themselves to be nothing more than career politicians doing what ever it takes to stay in office (regardless of the truth) and card-carrying members of the establishment. I am pulling my vote from Walker to Neumann as my choice for governor, and will vote for any conservative or Independent that runs against Ryan. If no one does, I simply won’t cast a vote in Ryan’s race.

  2. 10:44 - Look at Walker's record - he uncovered and corrected the outrageous pension issue in Milwaukee County, he's made necessary cuts and the county now has a surplus. That is what I expect from a politician - someone who actually does something to make a positive difference, unlike Barrett - and Neumann who has no record to run on, so he takes the low road in attack ads.

  3. yeah yeah yeah, Their republicans. If you want truely good men in office, vote for Communist.
    Praise Obama. Bow down all you conservitives and kiss it.

  4. Two guys from the negative party of "no"!