May 17, 2010

Chris Wright kicks off legislative campaign

Chris Wright, a Sturtevant Village Trustee for the past three years, kicked off his campaign for the State Legislature Monday, with a meet-and-greet at Mike and Angelo's.

Chris Wright with a fervent supporter, daughter Bria, 5

Wright, 33, is director of admissions for a non-profit post-secondary school in Union Grove for adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities. He holds a bachelor's degree in Christian studies, with a minor in sociology, from Kentucky's Campbellsville University.

A Republican, he is running for the 62nd District Assembly seat held for the past four years by Democrat Cory Mason. One reason he's running, Wright says, is that "communication between state and local officials is one-way," and he cites the Regional Transit Authority issue as an example. "I don't feel KRM benefits the people of Sturtevant," he says. "Logistically, to drive to where the station will be in Racine, and then ride to Milwaukee ... well, I could drive the whole way in the time that would take."

He's also opposed to the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority -- "an appointed board with taxing authority." Would he ever favor KRM? "If it could pay for itself," he says, adding, "This is not a great time for the added burden this would create."

He's a Brewers fan, but he's not a fan of the stadium tax, either. "And that's just been extended," he notes. "It's hard to find a way that benefits Racine County." And, "Then there's the cellphone tax, that's been added to landlines..." Speaking of politicians in general, he adds, "You just can't trust what they say."

Three issues he'd champion are:
  • -- Fiscal responsibility: He'd like to improve the way government budgets, "to make it more forward-looking."
  • -- Integrity: "I want to be able to lower taxes, but it's not going to happen overnight." He says the Village Board "has made every effort to be fiscally responsible."
  • -- Business climate: "I want to find ways to improve the business climate." He cites a recent survey of 651 company chief executives that ranked Wisconsin 42nd of all 50 states. A few years ago, the state was ranked 26th. "When it comes to taxes and regulation, there are only three states ranked lower."
He said he would like to work with Rep. Robin Vos, the new governor and local leaders to find ways to improve the business and financial climate." He concedes that accomplishing that "is not my background," but says he would "find people with the expertise."

Wright was accompanied at his campaign kickoff by his wife, Mary -- today was their 7th wedding anniversary -- and their two children, daughter Bria, 5, and son, Luke, 3.

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  1. "Work with Robin Vos" is what Mr. Wright wants to do. Robin Vos has been pretty much of a "no" legislator against anything suggested that is creative. Please don;t follow his negative ways.

  2. I guess he has no family values annoucing his candidacy on his anniversary.

  3. Vos has been a NO legislator every time the Democrats like Cory Mason and John Lehman wanted to raise taxes.

    I look forward to November, and seeing Vos have enough votes to help him stop the Democrats from raising taxes any higher, or creating any more moronic and wasteful spending plans that we cannot afford.

  4. Chris Wright wails against the politicians in Madison, and yet he wants to become one himself. Isn't that a contradictory statement?
    Wright and Vos would make a wonderful pair of right-wing politicians voting for more corporate tax cuts and gutting programs for children, education, infrastructure, and health care. The basic thing that people ought to realize is that Republicans stand for corporate welfare at the expense of the middle class. Prior to Tommy Thompson's reign as governor of this state, corporations paid around 18% of the taxes. Now, it is down to around 3%. Who makes up the difference? We do, the middle class. Democrats are forward-looking while Republicans want to live in the past. Our world is changing. Let's get with it!

  5. Compare our corporate tax rate to other states and other countries, genius. Now we have combined reporting, where companies headquartered here pay taxes on all their profits earned anywhere to Wisconsin. Yeah, that's brilliant - and when the last corporate headquarters moves out of state, maybe we can all be public employees then...

  6. Cicero, it is that same mentality that is turning the USA into Greece! I pray that all the Liberals would wake up one day and understand that, "the laws which govern us do not entitle us"!

  7. This man is interesting! He actually lives in Racine County! Mr Mason, as we all know lives in Madisen with his family! (Yes Cory a recliner in a living room is not considered residing in a house) I don't believe that Mr. Wright is a wind up doll for the unions as Mr. Mason is! He seem to be a fiscal conservative! I won't even go there with Mason.



  8. Cory Mason lives in Racine. LIVES. Has a house, lives in the house, wife and child live in the house. He mows the lawn, takes out the garbage. LIVES in the house. You and Mr. Wright have something in common -- neither of you know what you're talking about. And Madison is spelled MadisOn.

  9. Michael you are correct that he is right. Right of the people, right of the issues. Because he is so far right, he is wrong for our community.

    Check the info how far down we are being a tax hell under Doyle. We went from #3 under Thompson to #14 under Doyle.

    Please do not allow facts to get in the way of your rhetoric.

  10. Feel the hate left!

  11. Oh please if you believe that I have some stuff I can sell ya. Doyle, Mason and the likes of Democrats are running Wisconsin and the U.S. into the ground one law at a time. Good luck with living when they keep pushing employers out of the state. Say bye-bye to Harley. Say bye-bye to other large corporations. Whose going to have a job then?

    Chris, Robin, and others understand that it's businesses that make everything tick. Saying employees make everything go round is like saying the tail wags the dog.

    And no they don't pay 3%, it's actually higher. Why not run a business and see how unforgiving the state is.

  12. What can you sell me? Considering my facts come from the Milwaukee Business Journal. Who said they pay 3%. Are you having trouble comprehending?

    That explains why you are a republican.

  13. Wright is quoted saying:

    "Speaking of politicians in general, he adds, "You just can't trust what they say."

    So, why should we believe you?


    "He concedes that accomplishing ways to improve the business and financial climate" is not my background". So, if a stated reason for running you admit your not qualified then what on earth makes you think anyone would vote for you? Seriously!

    You at least have to have the political savvy to not tell your voters your not qualified. Or are we to conclude you can't be trusted either and like other politicians you are qualified beyond belief? Do we believe what you say or not? This time I believe you when you say you are not qualified.

  14. When I read these blogs it brings back memories of the 1960's when all you had to be was black and you were a hated enemy. Now the liberial democrats who feel they are entitled to government handouts hate and badmouth anyone who does not agree with them! What is theis country coming to????

  15. Republicans/conservatives have the usual mantra. They ignore the facts, spin, are "no" to any progress - and continue to repeat the talking points of Rush, Charlie and the likes. They have trouble getting beyond the usual trite phrases that keep getting repeated at all levels. At least Obama, Mason and the Progressives represent the common man in America. They continue to try to build up rather than tear down. I am thankful for the many Progressives in our society,

  16. Well I see I have hit a sore spot. There is too much hate in this world. Too much bias on both sides. But as for our current leadership, I could not even tell you who my assemblyman is in the 61st. He must hide out in Madison so he does not have to face the voters like Cory Mason. It is too bad politics involves throwing stones and finding the worsed in the opponant.

  17. @Anon 10:21

    Ah ok, MBJ is the source of your facts. Sure.

    As for Chris' qualifications, Cory Mason is even less qualified. His entire adult career has been spent working either for unions or the government. At least Chris has lived in the real world for a period of time.

    And yet, I'm sure you voted for Dumbo the Great (Obama), who spent less than 3 years in office as a Senator before being elected as POTUS. How was he qualified again?

    At least Chris admits his short coming and acknowledges that he will have to get advice from others.

    You're a typical left wing fruit salad - nutty and all.

  18. "At least Obama, Mason and the Progressives represent the common man in America. They continue to try to build up rather than tear down. I am thankful for the many Progressives in our society,"

    ROFLMAO! That has the be the funniest thing I've read all day. I suppose the so called "Progressives" were trying to build up during the Bush Admin? There is no spin. There is no ignoring facts. Liberal see what they want to and have rose colored glasses on.

    Like we needed the KRM cho-cho. Or a health-care bill we can't afford. (Oh wait, we're ignoring facts here like the fact that they're going to have to do something about Medicare reimbursement, but that wasn't part of the bill (which it should have been) and spending is still going up-up-up and away!)

    Get a grip, get a clue, and get an understanding of basic economics. Mason's an idiot just like Obama.

  19. The following is a lesson in basic economics: How many jobs were created during the BushII
    Administration's eight years? Answer: 1.2 million, and that after two tax cuts which went primarily to the wealthiest of the wealthiest. Before he left office, how much money did Tommy Thompson return to the taxpayer? Answer: $250 million. What did that leave the state with in ensuing years? Answer: A huge deficit.

  20. It's pretty hard to vote for a conservative when all they offer is "no" and negative ideas. From my observation, it seems conservatives have a corner on hate, and Progressives present facts and positive ideas. Watch out for silent America - they know who is best for America - those politicians with progressive ideas. Name-calling turns voters off! The average American knows politicians from Obama on down in the Progressive ideology really represent the common man. Cicero - your comments are positive, factual and intelligent.

  21. Well it's hard to argue with your facts re: Tommy Thompson as I wasn't living in the state at the time. But if 1.2MM jobs were created w/ tax cuts that seems to indicate that trickle down economics work.

    A question (and I don't know the answer): Was there a deficit when Tommy left or was it created by Doyle and the Democrats spending on social programs?

    Conservatives don't offer "no" as you like to put it (nice talking point from Obama btw). Conservatives just disagree with the policy and path this administration is heading. And if you're looking for the silent America, watch the news tonight in Arkansas, Kentucky and Philadelphia. Silent America is starting to talk, and I don't think you're going to like what they have to say about Obama and his "Progressive" ideals.

    I don't hate anyone, and if you want to debate a specific point, throw it out and let's debate. I can do that all day long, you just won't acknowledge the facts or like what I have to say.

    Progressive don't represent the common man. That is purely a misconception. They represent themselves and whatever keeps them in power. They've figured out they can get themselves elected by promising you someone elses money.

  22. Anonymous at 4:36 pm are you serious? Under eight years of Reagan 16 million jobs were created; under Clinton, with a tax increase, 22 million jobs were created; under Eisenhower, 4 million jobs created; Nixon and Ford 11 million; Kennedy-Johnson 16 million. These are stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics from an article in the May 15 issue of the National Journal by Ron Brownstein. The problem with Republicans, Palin, the tea partiers and the tearful Glenn Beck, you shun facts and appeal to the lizard part of a person's brain; namely, fear, anger, hatred and emotion.

  23. Anon 4:54

    You do realize that the Tea Party consist of the following: Right wing conservatives, Independents from the right middle and left and listen to this, DEMOCRATS. Why do you think your fellow democrats have joined this cause? Could it be that the progressives you hold in high regards are so far off track that even people from your own party realize they are way off track. You need to turn off CNN and start researching the facts and not let the spin doctors of the left tell you what you beleive. Be an individual and create your OWN opinions.

  24. If Cory Mason is re-elected who will the democrats blaim when Harley Davidson leaves Wisconsin? They won't move to Illinois. They rank worse than Wisconsin in the Best and Worse for Business in 2010 at 48th! That means that Harley would seek out one of the top states like Texas (Republican state), North Carolina (Historically Republican) or Tennessee (Republican state) to relocate. Wisconsin and Illinois are democratic, see a pattern here? Bye bye jobs!

  25. What the likes of Doyle/Obama/Mason are building is a socialistic society. The road to socialism: Take over banks ... DONE, Take over auto industry ... DONE, Take over Health care ... Done, Now go after Wall Street ... Road nearly complete!

  26. Cicero,

    Yes I'm serious. Bush dealt w/ something this country hasn't ever had to deal w/. An attack on our shores. Airlines lost billions, and dealt w/ one of the worst recessions (note I said one of) this country has faced. Democrats created the current mess (and if you even deny it you're beyond reason or logic) and have yet to get a handle on it. Time and time again history has shown a government can't spend us out of a recession. By the time the government reacts we're generally on our way out. Well this time we're not on our way out and we're about to experience the double dip.

    But good luck w/ that.

    7:29 - nice comment. Say hello to Greece. We're next. Only thing that will save us is the fact that our debt is in our own currency which we can print. Only thing we can expect is a drastic devaluation of our currency. Nothing major, we just won't be able to buy anything.

  27. Can any of the Mason supporters tell me what he has don the the 62nd district since he has been in office?

  28. Take the "No" in November and say "no" to the party of "no" in November! Right, Cicero!

  29. Anon 10:15
    You are obviously a Mason supporter.....can you answer my question (anon 8:20)? It seems Mason supporters like to talk but say nothing. Do you actually know who Mason is and what he stands for or are you one of the people who do as the party says blindly? Let me play my flute like the Pied Piper and I am sure you will follow!

  30. Anon 7;41 Wrong, wrong wrong! You make the usual off -the-wall assumptions that many uninformed conservatives make. It is you who needs to find the facts. Rep Mason has made many efforts to bring reality to politics. Evidentally you either don't read the news, or are oblivious to the facts. Seek and you shall find!

  31. Anon 7:41 My assumption is you still haven't answered my question. Making a general statement of "Rep Mason has made many efforts to bring reality to politics" is a copout answer. If you are so WELL INFORMED please supply more details. I am interested to hear what you have to say. I am betting you will NOT have any answers except for the usual liberal knocking of conservative values. That is the way liberals work!