May 18, 2010

Racine's Fischer Precise USA receives $63K in tax credits

The state is helping Racine's Fischer Precise USA replace equipment and hire new employees.

Gov. Jim Doyle announced Tuesday that the local company will receive $63,000 in tax credits from the Economic Development Tax Credit Program from the Department of Commerce to help upgrade the equipment for its facility in Racine and create 14 new jobs over the next three years.

Fischer Precise USA provides high speed rotational systems, which are used in many industries such as aerospace, electronic, and medical. The company recently moved its product line to Racine and is investing $1.3 million to upgrade its equipment.


  1. Ok.. Wright supporters explain this.

  2. What is there to explain?
    Big Daddy Government knows best how to spend other peoples money.
    Call it pork, stimulus, graft, pay-back, voter buying, investment, etc.