May 17, 2010

63-month prison term ends Felner Chronicle

Finally, the Robert Felner Chronicle comes to an end -- with a 63-month prison term.

Almost two years after he was offered the post of chancellor at UW-Parkside, Felner was formally sentenced to prison today, when a Louisville judge accepted a plea agreement tentatively made in January. Besides prison, Felner was ordered to make restitution of $510,000 to the University of Louisville, where he was dean of the College of Education, $1.64 million to the University of Rhode Island and $88,750 to the Rock Island County Council on Addiction in Illinois.

Offered the position of chancellor at Parkside in the Spring of 2008, Felner withdrew shortly before he was due to take office in August -- after it was revealed that he was being investigated on charges of mishandling federal grants.The incident was a major embarrassment for UW-Parkside, and led to a review of UW system candidate search procedures.

Lane Earns then served for a year as Parkside's interim chancellor, until Deborah Ford assumed the post last August.

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