March 12, 2010

Year's first two homicides occur on Friday

Racine Police reported two homicides Friday, the city's first of 2010.

Late in the evening, police were still investigating a 5:30 p.m. shooting at a Racine Street convenience store, Moe's Market, in which the store owner was killed. Mohammed A. Shehadeh, 41, a father of four, had owned the store, located at 1949 Racine St., for over a decade.

Police said they have no motive for the homicide, and are looking for witnesses who may have been in the store earlier in the evening who could shed some light on who may have been responsible. Anyone with information is urged to call the Racine Police at 262-635-7700 and ask for the Investigations Unit, or Crimestoppers at 262-636-9330, or by texting to CRIMES (274637) and referring to Tipsoft I.D. #TIP417.

The Journal Times' breaking story is here.

Also, Friday police reported charging the father of a battered boy with homicide, after the 26-month-old was brought into the Emergency Room and subsequently died at 2:31 a.m.

, 3/14: Although police originally identified the arrested man as the father of the battered child, they are now saying he is just the fiance of the child's mother.)

The police report states:
At approximately 12:30 a.m. a couple brought their unconscious 26-month-old child into the emergency room of Wheaton Franciscan St Mary’s Hospital. Emergency Room personnel were unable to revive the child and he was pronounced dead at approximately 2:31 a.m.

As the result of an autopsy completed at the Waukesha County Medical Examiners' Office, it was determined that the child had suffered blunt force trauma injuries that led to his death. Investigators arrested both the mother of the child and her boyfriend and conducted interviews of both parents.

After interviews, investigators charged Manuel Garcia, 30, with 1st Degree Reckless Homicide. Lawanda Martinez, 24, was charged with possession of THC as well as a retail theft.

Garcia is being held in the Racine County Jail without bond. Racine County Human Services went to their home at 1918 Grange Ave. and took custody of Lawanda Martinez' other three children.


  1. Moe was a good friend. I delivered to his store for many years as a Happenings driver.

    He introduced me to the Koran, and we had many discussions about Judeo-Christian and Islamic beliefs.

    I brought my then 12 year old nieces who had never met someone who had a different religious background, and he talked to them about Islam as well.

    Moe was a friend, a spiritual man and a great asset to the southside. To say he will be missed will be a understatement.

  2. Amen! Everyone I know liked Moe very much. As Islamic tradition tells us to say, "peace and blessings be upon him."

  3. The police should be attacking crimes of this nature ,not speeders and slot machines. We now have a family without a father because of crime that the PD can't seem to stop.Drugs are the worst problem Racine has. May god bless this man's family and my heart goes out to them.

  4. Very sad. Rest in peace.

  5. Of course a test for our Mayor we we see step up police action or will he find a way to give a friend a job?
    Myself I want to see the RPD let lose on the thugs.
    AS for the little boy, he is in the hands of God, may those who killed him be given into the hands of the Devil

  6. "Of course a test for our Mayor "

    No, it is a test for our Police Department, who will no doubt solve the crime.

    This didn't happen because the Police were spending time on gambling machines. This happened because an evil person broke the law. How to the Police stop that? Do they station themselves on every corner?

  7. The RPD do a great job. Its up to Mayor John A job for every friend" Dickert to let them.
    The Armadillo is by all accounts making an impact maybe buy/build another one park that one in the Tower area or other areas with large gang action, my bet is the PIO will write some BS for the Journal Times and in a few days we will all be back to sleep.

  8. Build another COP house! Park the decommissioned armored truck here now! That will fix our crime problem!

  9. Seriously we are not catching anyone who is smart enough to avoid the armadillo. You have got to be kiddin if you think the real problem makers are going to be caught by that truck. They "real drug dealers and gang leaders" are weary of regular vans parked outside. They have lookouts and a whole system to make sure police are no where around. Yeah, I am sure we will handle it more big butt robotic armadillos. Get real. They just pack up and move somewhere else.

  10. Anon 2:17 -

    What an idiotic statement.

    Exactly how could the police have stopped either of these homicides??

    If a cop would have been inside the store drinking coffee with the owner, the public would cry and complain to the Mayor that the cop was taking a break/ goofing off and not doing "his job".

    If the cop would have been parked in his police car on the corner outside the store, the public would cry and complain to the Mayor that the cop was sitting in one place and not driving around.

    You "tax payers" can't have it both ways!!!

  11. We need to bring in some police from large cities who haven't grown up with all these thugs. Large cities where they have dealt a larger number of gang problems. Let them show us how to clean it up.

  12. What we need is a police chief with something between his legs to stand up to the thugs. Racine just doesn't have that. Our chief would prefer to watch crime happen from a safe distance on a camera.

    The RPD is more like a bunch of security guards at a store watching cameras than a real police department.

  13. I think the Chief of Police does an outstanding job with what he has. Dickert on the other hand constantly micro manages the police, something he knows NOTHING about.

    It would be like a Pizza Maker trying to tell a Brain Surgeon how to do his job, it doesn't work all that well.

  14. Anon 7:48 & Anon 7:52 = same person = uneducated, pampered cry baby

  15. Concerned Citizen3/13/2010 8:14 AM

    Pete and Dustin

    I thought you guys refused to print articles about homicides, stating that it is too negative for a grand city like ours. What gives now?? Change of heart? If so, why so? I would hate for your customers to think of you as hypocrites. Please respond. Thank you very much.

    (Now Pete, this is very polite w/out profanities. No need to delete this post)

  16. Anonymous writer who posted at13/2010 7:52 AM,

    Your comments about the police chief and RPD are inapropriate and missinformed. First of all, have a little respect when you speak about someone who has been murdered--this isn't an opportunity to dis the people who you have grudges against (even those who give their lives to protect us). Do you treat our veterans the same way? have a little dignity about this at least--the man was a father of four (besides the numerous friends he had). Secondly, what do you expect the police department to be? Do you really want an organisation to have that much power? Humans are falable (proved by the recent murder). Therefore, if the police had as much power as you claim they should have--to stop murders before they happen, than you can just take a look at some communist countries who give their people--no slaves--practically no freedom. --Or would you rather have the police department know everything about you? I'm sure you'd love having no privacy. Go to jail--it'll be the same as you want it. So.. Why don't you take a little time to have reverance for the situation and support those who are trying to protect you? If you think it is so easy, go become a policeman. Grow up!

  17. 8:05 Dickert has no business micro managing the police department because he is not capable of managing anything. City Hall is in complete chaos, he still talks about the stupid "10 Year Plan" and he has a bunch of idiots running around the city telling everyone about the great influence they have with the mayor. If I was a member of the city council, I would make a push to strip the mayor of any decision making power and ask for him to resign. He has no business managing the PD that is for sure, leave it to the people that have a clue (the chief and his staff) not Dickert's band of fools. I hope they catch the thugs that shot the storeowner and tenderize him like a cheap piece of meat.

  18. I will assume this is a requirement for Racine's application as America's Finest City.

  19. May he rest in peace Mohamed, allah yerhamak ...this is a very devestating news for the Shahadeh family, may we have strenght and faith to move on. To all you Racine citizens, pleasee you all need to work hard and find who did this to him, these guys need to get the death penelty!!! It is a cruel murder leaving 4 lovely little innocent children alone for the mother to raise by herself. He is a martyr! May god Bless him!

  20. You people need to stop slamming the mayor and the police department! The problem lies in this community and the people that stand by and refuse to come forward and help the police catch criminals. you cannot tell me that there were NO witnesses that seen anything on Racine and 20th last night. Must be that code of silence in the Mexican and black community. Hey Sheilds, instead of protecting the lowlifes looking for handouts in Racine, why don't you roll up your sleeves and encourge the same criminals you protect and serve to help solve these crimes? Let's stop the discrimination crapola and do what's right!

  21. 2:10-

    Unfortunately, Wisconsin doesn't have the death penalty. This is another reason why these thugs have moved from Illinois to Wisconsin, because they know when they kill an innocent person, they will still live AND probably receive a lighter sentence(not to mention the GREAT welfare benefits compared to Illinois).

    Wisconsin, the MOST liberal state there is. It's pathetic.

    Hopefully Scott Walker will reform this state to what it once was. If Barrett gets elected, it will be Doyle all over again. Believe that.

  22. You first need to review the copyright laws. Google was not credited for their photo you used. Get off your butt and go take some pictures.

  23. CCW rocks pop them before the gang bangers pop you. Maybe if Moe had a weapon he be alive today.

  24. Yesterday afternoon (Friday) at 3:20 pm or so I was driving right by the residence where the baby lived. We live nearby. My son and I saw what we thought were census workers walking up on the porch...then realized they were police detectives by the suits they were wearing and presence of squad cars.

    Did this couple have police contact the very same day prior to this baby's murder?

  25. Anon, 3:31 p.m.,

    Murder rates for death-penalty states have consistently exceeded murder rates for non-death penalty states for every one of the past 20 years. There may be good reasons for executing murderers, but deterrence doesn't appear to be one of them.

  26. This saddens me on a number of levels. Mostly of course for his family and for their loss.

    But also for our Racine community. I'll throw this question to the "Chattering class" here. What am I supposed to do when I want to take visitors to Racine? Is it safe to even GO into the neighborhood east of Racine street and south of 16th?

    I'd like to take visitors to a good restaurant like Wells Bros or the good mexican restaurants there, but I feel really uncomfortable doing that knowing there was just a shooting across the street Friday. WHAT EXACT ACTIONS do you propose our government / police take to reduce violent crimes in "the hood"?

    BTW, I'm not interested in listening to political chatter (fire this guy; kick that guy out of office) nor am I interested in listening to tirades about inter-racial tensions. There may be good arguments there, but the time is past for that. Now we have to DO something.

  27. [I am the 8:17 poster] I'm thinking of things like the 7:41 poster who suggested more coomunity policing. Not punishment: that will happen anyway, and it's (at best) pretty random whether punishment deters future crimes. I want to know what PREVENTION steps we can take.

  28. OK 8:25, You start first....let's here your ideas.

  29. We need to get tough on crime. This is still a huge state, country, criminals can and will move. We need to be able to defend ourselves. This means carrying a legal weapon. The thugs have them. It is far easier to run around mugging people who cannot fight back. Pepper spray and a cell phone will never win in a gun fight. This is not to say we will be having gun battles. But those lousy thugs can go to Illinois one of the last states to let its citizens protect themselves.

  30. My deepest sympathy to the families involved in these two deaths. Moe sounds like he was a fabulous man and had so many friends in this community. We need more people like him. His loss is not only a great loss to his family and friends, but to our community. He is the kind of person that builds love and friendship in communities.

    I am also so very sorry and sickened by the loss of another baby beaten at the hands of somebody he should have been able to trust and take care of him, who should have loved him. My sympathies to his father, but I'm angered by the fact his father, according to a recent article, had seen bumps, bruises on this little man before. And didn't know how to report it? He had been falsely accused in the past? Please, please keep the other three children who were removed from the home safe. Reuniting with the family is NOT always the best goal.

  31. What to do

    Thank Mason for voting with Doyle and letting 100's of folks out of prison early.
    Thank Mason for not backing CCW and being able to defend ourselves.
    Thank the Mayor for saying he was going to crack down on the slum lords who often know I think about drug houses but like the easy rent money more.
    Thank the many Aldermen who help the Mayor keep the crime issue in Racine under cover by the creation of a propaganda machine.
    Thank J-Way IMHO our masters for keeping our schools poor and with a wink and a nudge well paying companies out of Racine
    Lastly thank yourself for not running for office,not voting and not calling the police or joining your neighborhood watch group because it starts with us.
    I am NOT going to allow it any more. I can not change the world but I sure in Hell work to make my block better
    Some of us do work to improve Racine for that I ask God to Bless you but for the rest of us who do not or could do more "L ets Roll"

  32. The mayor, the police department and the prison system will never take the place of loving, caring parents (as in both mother and father, together in the same home), other adults (such as pastors or elders) involved in the lives of young people for more than photo ops, and positive peers. If you want prevention, that's where it starts. We've got to get families back on track, dads back in kids lives, and a community mentality. Yes, I am my brother's keeper.

  33. This is a very sad story. It sounds like he was a hard working individual who was generous and thoughtful to his customers. The fact that he ran his store there for 10 years is amazing. I hope they catch these guys and put them away forever. I hope that anyone that has any knowledge of this incident will notify the police.How can anyone kill someone for a few bucks.

  34. [8:25 here] 9:14, I don't know what to do. ... Hence, the question. I suspect that increasing carry permits wouldn't help or hurt much (though i think it's a bit tenuous to say that criminals who would shoot someone in cold blood anyway would be deterred by that...). I generally think increased community policing would help (again, though, not sure what that'll do to stop the irrationally criminal). I agree with the notion expressed about good parenting, but I think that's probably only a long-term solution.

    I don't know. Seems like some combination of more school and jobs, community policing and encouraging good parenting would be a good start for a solution. ... And that we ought not to be afraid of demanding more regular patrols of the areas where crimes are more common. Longer jail may deter more criminals, but I think that's a state law problem (or even a federal sentencing guideline problem), not one we can fix in Racine.

    What I don't appreciate is the "thank so and so" cynicysm (sorry I can't spell...). How does that help save lives?

    I'd be thrilled if the mayor and other leaders would stand up and say "this is unacceptable; we didn't prevent it, we should have, and we want to prevent more crimes like this. Here is our comprehensive plan." I doubt they'd be that honest, though.

    So, I'd be proposing COP houses, patrols, job attraction plans, and asking the professionals (police and politician) to tell us what has worked to reduce crimes, even in "mobile population" areas, like ours. ... Good enough for a start?


  35. What a sad news,and knowing that the man is very good to all his customers.!!Condolence to his love once,..I'll pray that this case will be solved right way and the criminal/s will be punish.!!

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