March 13, 2010

Downtown Gallery adds line to fight breast cancer

Northern Lights Gallery is introducing Think Pink, a line of t-shirts, caps, mugs and umbrellas designed for women fighting breast cancer.

A contribution to breast cancer research is made at the wholesale and retail level with each sale. Northern Lights, 423 Main St., also carries items from Story People and Sonya Paz who contribute a portion of sales to breast cancer research.

Sonya Paz, founder of the "Mommies with Cancer" Foundation, which was formed to raise awareness of mothers who have cancer and to create a new way to get inspired and get involved, wrote:
Breast Cancer can happen to any woman.
It doesn’t care what color we are, how old we are or what our name is.
It can affect your mother, sister, daughter or neighbor,
It can be a teacher, a passerby or even your friend.
It’s close to home, much closer than you may think.

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