March 9, 2010

Biz News: Circa Celeste Cafe opens in the mornings

Circa Celeste Cafe now has morning hours.

Starting this week, the cafe at 619 Wisconsin Ave. is opening at 7 a.m. To offset the new hours, the one-man shop run by owner Ben Lehner is closing earlier at 7 p.m.

Lehner said the crowd wasn't there to support the late-night hours, at least during the week. He'll stay open until midnight on Saturdays.

"We're really looking forward to the summer," said Lehner, who opened Cafe Celeste last September.

Circa Celeste offers homemade bakery, soups, salads, hummus, a full array of coffee and tea, and a fruit and veggie juice bar.

(Photo-Right: Ben Lehner, owner of Circa Celeste, chops parsley for one of the cafe's daily soups. A homemade pumpkin pie sits on the counter.)


  1. We sure love this place. What a great addition to Racine and downtown. Good for you food and drink, great tasting, different than other places, reasonably priced, great little "Cafe" atmosphere, perfect little meeting place, free wifi, love the music.... OK I will repeat myself...we love this place.

  2. cool. I'll have to try it.

  3. I was there several weeks ago - nice little pl;ace and the owner is REALLy nice. I recommend it!

  4. I have to agree with you, the owner makes this place as special as it is. He's a great chef/baker too.

  5. Was it called Cirque Celeste at first? Now it's changed?

    Fabulous food, so fresh! No one is doing this kind of food - so if you have not tried it, please do get down there and see for yourself.


  6. Ben Rocks lets surport Ben!!

  7. Thanks for the kind words of support, I'm thrilled to be here. Mornings are indeed more pleasant at Circa.

    **Mention this RacinePost article at the shop and get a dollar off any purchase through Sunday March 14.**


  8. Just went and enjoyed the soup and salad. Great fresh ingredients, totally unique, and reminded me of Europe. I will become a regular.

  9. We love this place. We would love it if things were quicker for pick up around lunch time. It would really really help.

    Yum Ben, Yum.

    Love this place.

  10. Luv luv luv this place. Quality ingredients and great service.