March 10, 2010

JT uncovers Caledonia police check scam

Journal Times' reporter Christine Won deserves props today for her investigative work out in Caledonia. Won spent a week uncovering a seemingly sketchy payment system designed to help a Caledonia officer avoid paying taxes.

Won reports the officer worked on Caledonia squad cars and was paid about $4,900 for his services. The checks were written out to the officer's wife and infant child, reportedly so the officer didn't have to report the checks as income.

Police Chief Jeffrey Meier is taking responsibility for the checks, and an attorney for the village said it may not be illegal to have checks issued to family members. But the system seems a little too clever for the public's good. Here's hoping Won continues to dig, and Caledonia officials take a closer look, too.


  1. This is incredible. This is a perfect example how corrupt LE is in Racine County. Has anyone ever heard of ethics in Racine County?

    Last week the Chief was pushing to for a 25% pay increase for one employee (a friend or distant relative no doubt) and here he is giving tax dollars away to his friends and family.

    Like I said...this is incredible!

  2. The Caledonia Police chief should resign at once. He no longer has any moral authority in the position and will likely face charges.

    Things aren't any better in Mt Pleasant. There were investigations into illegal campaign group funding and supporting incuments a few years ago. That whole thing seems to have been swept under the carpet too. Now magically two of them are running again because nothing was ever done about it.

    As long as none of these people are held accountable this will continue.

    Meier should be gone today.

  3. Looks like this is an IRS issue.

  4. It's more than an IRS issue.

  5. Police Chief Meier should of been gone a long, long , long ago when in May of 1994 his police department was subject to a State of Wisconsin Criminal Justice Criminal Search warrant of the department. Meier's was soaking his worm in the lake at his cottage while his top Sgt. of Police's office, locker, vehicle and residence was searched by State Agent of the Criminal Investigation Bureau. This employee was later allowed to resign without being charged with any criminal wrong doing after found with Improper Photo's, Child Porn and a array of other serious matters that would have sent this employee packing for the Pen.

  6. Why isn't Mieir gone by now. This is an unacceptable situation. This isn't an alledged situation. It is already admitted and confirmed. He needs to retire, resign or be fired. Whatever happens first. Between the most recent even and the 25% pay raise for a pet employee he needs to be gone yesterday.

  7. Both the cop and chief need to resign, then there needs to be an investigation about who else knew this or other illegal activities were going on.

    I wonder what the people involved knew about the term: "conflict of interest." They probably thought it didn't apply to anyone in their circle.

    They also need to publicly apologize to all law enforcement people. How can the rule of law work when cops are ignoring the law.

  8. Has anyone looked at 45.5 hrs per squad car to do this work ? Was it done on or off of city clock ?
    Double pay ??