March 23, 2010

Racine Camera Club picks two digital winners

The Racine Camera Club’s second digital competition this year yielded awards for Kathy Brand for "Blue Bottle," above, and Nancy Burke for "Architecture and The Moon," below.

Honorable mentions went to Glenn Surendonk for "Follow the Leader," Kathy Brand for "Tracks," and Jason Madson for "Central Park" and "Remember Brooklyn."

Forty images were entered in the competition. Judges were Gene Dodd, Leonard Peterson and Jim Georgeson.

Members of the RCC will be exhibiting their artwork at the 16th Street Artist's Studios beginning Sat., March 27, with an Open House from 1 to 4 p.m. The location is the Racine Business Center, 1405 16th St. in downtown Racine.

The club’s next meeting Thursday, April 8, will feature a program on macro/close-up photography with "props" as examples. Go to for more details. The public is invited to attend at no charge.


  1. Pete, hopefully you have entered some of your photos. We are treated so some great pictures on the Post with your name on them.

  2. Anon 9:55 Thank you, but no. (I'm my own worst critic.)

    Your appreciation is all I need!