March 22, 2010

Celebrating 175 years: Underground Racine ...

We've fallen behind a bit on our "Celebrating 175 Years" series about Racine's storied history. We hope to get back on track this week with two or three new posts. The first is a short one featuring a great photo from Gerald Karwowski's collection at the "Oak Clearing Farm and Museum."

The photo shows a sewer project through West Racine. Here's the caption for the photo:
According to records at the city engineer's office, the Cedar Bend Sewer project began in 1913. The first section of the project was constructed between Root River and West Blvd. Later the line was extended to Lathrop Avenue. Max Sommerfeld, who operated a Barbershop in West Racine, went into the sewer and snapped a few photos of workmen. This like, most of the city's early sewers, was constructed of brick or block, many of which have been replaced by concrete pipe.


  1. Flush twice - It's a long way to the Blind Aligator.

  2. PuPu platter3/24/2010 1:44 PM

    I bet they took that picture quick and then made a dash out of there.

  3. you mean the hard working men of racine back then were white?? much has changed in 175years! ha

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