March 22, 2010

City launches program to cut homeowners' energy bills

A city program to make homes more energy efficient at little or no cost to homeowners is underway.

Retrofit Racine launched in March and work is underway on select properties, according to the program's website.

The program is available to anyone in the city with a home built between 1946 and 1975. Retrofit Racine will cover the upfront costs of making homes more efficient, and homeowners will pay back the costs using savings on their energy bill.

If you're interested, sign up for the program at:


  1. Why only 46 to 75??

  2. My house was built in 1917 and sure could use some more insulation in the walls. Why only 1946-1975?

  3. Good question why only 46-75?

  4. from the city. MUst be Dickert's fault.

  5. Dickert must have some listings that need new windows. Otherwise, why the age restriction?