February 1, 2010

Vaillancourt named Kenosha Unified's spokesperson

Gary Vaillancourt is the new director of Marketing and Community Relations for Kenosha Unified.

Vaillancourt is a former executive director of Sustainable Racine. He also used to teach fine arts at Horlick High School, hosted the Racine Post Prom TV broadcast for a number of years and was RAMAC's first education director.

Last year, the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers named Vaillancourt its national high school announcer of the year for his work as an announcer at Horlick.

Vaillancourt started today as KUSD's spokesperson. He replaces an interim public information officer. The district declined to release his salary.


  1. How can KUSD refuse to provide his salary information? Haven't they heard of Wisconsin's open records law?

  2. Anon 10:13

    Maybe Dustin didn't ask.

  3. KUSD has been getting fairly easy approval for new school construction and Kenosha doesn't seem to have the overall mistrust and lack of funding that Racine does. My guess is that if you support the school system in a community finding out salary to be outraged at isn't a high priority.

  4. He's apparently done enough damage in Racine and has moved on to greener pastures, besides Kenosha has serious financial losses and needs a front man to "spin" their prblems.

  5. Education Reform - Thanks for making the point about mistrust valid. Anything positive going on?

  6. In response to "educationreform", on Feb. 1, 2010,
    who probably thrives on responses to blogs to
    make him feel like he has a life, doesn't have a clue
    what Gary Vaillancourt has done for Racine and
    Kenosha for the past 40 years. He has
    volunteered his time and talents to turn around areas in our community that you apparently aren't even aware of. He brought musicals to Horlick High
    after years and years of being without. He was not the host for Post Prom last year and received over a hundred e-mails, notes, phone calls with requests for him to return as the MC. I was fortunate to my children have Mr. Vaillancourt as their instructor at Horlick High School. He gave them self-esteem and confidence to do better and they went on to Parkside and are still doing well. We owe a lot to Mr. V.. I don't know where people like you come from but I can see why you
    use "educationreform" as your user name. You definitely lacked acquiring an education and are
    very bitter about it. By the way, the correct spelling for "prblems" is PROblems. In your case ignorance is not bliss.