February 1, 2010

National catamaran races coming to Racine this summer

An F 18 Catamaran like the ones that will race in Racine this summer.

Add another major event to Racine's already crowded summer calendar.

The city will host the U.S. National F-18 Catamaran Sailing Championships this year from Aug. 6-13. The event is expected to attract 60-70 teams from across the U.S., according to a letter Racine Director Bob Sample sent to the Department of Public Works.

The Racine Yacht Club has hosted the event several times, mostly recently in 2006.

All racing will take place within one mile of North Beach and will be visible from the shore. All event activities will be based out of the Racine Yacht Club.

The purpose of Chu's letter was to request use of two city parking lots next to the Racine Yacht Club. The city granted use of the lots in 2006, which worked well for the event.

The national catamaran race joins pro beach volleyball and an Ironman triathalon as major events based around North Beach this summer.


  1. Very cool - all you Racine negative people, here's another free event. I'm sure you'll have a problem with it howerer

  2. Very Cool! Dave/Crew does it again!


  3. Ok Mr. Racine....

  4. Far from Mr. Racine here. Dave Blank and his crew do a great job unlike like Brian O'Connell, The DRC, RAMAC,RCEDC, etc.
    Lets give thanks for Dave and them when they do good work.
    AVA should get the contract for the Video vs the Mayor's no bid wanting pals

  5. Another great event for the city. I always tell people; if you can't find something to do around here in the summer (and usually for free)you aren't trying very hard.

  6. Amanda I agree with you on this one.

  7. Great job Dave! I hope none of them have loud mufflers though!

  8. How do you begin to watch these races? Binoculars? How do you know who is winning? I don't get it? It's cool, but I just don't get it?

  9. This is very cool - but seems The Racine Yacht Club was the primary force in bringing this event?

    Just hope the asian carp haven't invaded by then ;^)

  10. How long before Dickert tries to take credit for this??