February 4, 2010

NAACP, led by Shields, fires at Mayor Dickert

Two days after Mayor John Dickert gaveled down Alderman Michael Shields at a City Council meeting, the local NAACP fired off a press release accusing the mayor of "cronyism."

Shields is president of the NAACP's local chapter.

Here's the press release:

Since last May’s Mayoral Election, our present Mayor and his activities related to the governance of Racine have been closely monitored by the Racine Branch NAACP. The need for this monitoring is based on the dark night this City has recently emerged from. Couple this with the inherent goals of the NAACP to “ …ensure equal rights, treatment, and access to government for all people regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation monitoring the Mayors actions is view not only as wise but responsible as citizens and taxpayers. In this light, the NAACP views the Mayors most recent action in hiring a questionable PIO (Public Information Officer) as an unwarranted repudiation of inclusive and responsible governance.

By bypassing the hiring process in place, the Mayor seems to convey a growing parental view of his responsibilities. Whether it’s the granting of access to Public Land to individuals of questionable backgrounds; or the decision and then hiring of a political ally to burnish Racine’s image. This Mayor has demonstrated again his distaste for the rules and regulations of fair, open and honest government.

Gaveling down reasonable questions does not remove the fact: This Mayor and his group of associate’s grand plan contain the provisions to further the divisions within this city. Be those divisions racial, economic or social, the message being conveyed to the public is clear: “Unless you agree with us, we don’t care what your input is, we know what’s best for you," The NAACP asks the question, what is the difference from the last administration?

The Racine Branch NAACP in keeping with its historic traditions of opposition against racism, sexism and backroom government goes on the record as firmly opposing the manner in which the PIO position was filled.

Dickert said at Tuesday night's City Council meeting that he wanted to hire a local candidate for the new PIO position. Mark Eickhorst, a former newspaper reporter, City Council member and current radio show host, met the qualifications for the $25,000 contract, Dickert said.

While Shields challenged the mayor's hiring decision, he was the only one. The council voted 14-1 in favor of hiring Eickhorst.


  1. Holy assholes Batman! It's Mike Shields!

  2. The drama never ends.

    Best soap opera in the mid-west.

  3. Mr. Racine's business card reads:
    Tax Evader - Dickert Staff Member

  4. Meanwhile, Racine's unemployment remains at one of the highest rates in the state.

  5. Sheilds step up will we back him?

  6. Wanted: PR/Marketing individual to put a positive spin on the City of Racine and cover Dickert's ass. Qualifications - none other than looking for a tax evader. No references or previous experience required - since we've already selected a convict for the position.

  7. While I don't always agree with Shields, I AGREE WITH HIM NOW! This mayor continues to pull these punches with the city, this is NOT the leadership this city deserves or needs! He should step down and save us as a city any further embarressment! This so called mayor is failing us all!

  8. Dickert, Freidel, majority of counsel members....You Should Be Ashamed!

  9. The Mayor presides over the meeting and is in charge of keeping the meeting orderly. Period!

    Out of order your gunna get gaveled! Ya got it?

    If Dickert continues this type of leadership -- He'll be a shoe-in come election day.
    Racine needs a strong Mayor and it looks like it has one now.

    Behind this Mayor 100%

    Mike Shields doesn't get his way he cries. Next time follow Roberts Rules of Order and make your point.

    Shields knows better he's just grand standing. Unless a law was broken - it's all a bunch of hoop-la.

  10. Where are the other council members brains? Stand up against this type of behavior! STOP IT! IT IS WRONG AND WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER! Thanks Michael Shields, I'm not a supporter of your but you DID the right thing this time! Thank you for speaking up! Dickert makes me sick!

  11. 4:26 = Clueless maybe even Dickert himself! HAHA nice try!

  12. Duh

    So next Jessie Jackson will picket City Hall and there will be marches again on the streets of Racine because Shields was gaveled. Grow up this is stupid!

    I'm sure Dicket has used his gavel before.

    I think Shields is planning on a run for Mayor and starting to get his name out early. I can't see any other reason that he's pushing this issue. Again if a law was broken -- It will be corrected.

    And nope I'm not Dickert - he has the worst job in the world at absolutely the worst time.

  13. Also I voted for Turner For Rep.and Mayor so don't start with racist crap!

  14. If you read the city municipal codes I do believe that Mayor Dickert did break one with his temper tantrum
    Chapter 2
    Sec. 2-115. Interruption of speaker.
    When any member of the common council is speaking, no member shall entertain any private discourse or in any way interrupt the speaker, except as to a question of order.
    (Code 1973, § 2.06.100)

  15. And still never gave a clear concise answer to the question, "What was the method used to hire this guy?"

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  17. I don't always agree with Mike Shields but I do on this one. The PIO position stinks up the place. A fair question to the mayor, when your new PR appointment needs PR work are you making the right move?

  18. I was in the audience and Mike Sheilds asked a question and hizzoner was attempting answer. Sheilds kept saying he didn't ask the mayor for an answer. It was Sheilds who interupted the mayor. You bloggers need to get a life. Espcially you corbs. You get your undies in a bunch and you don't know what your talking about.

  19. Fake Colt working for The Mayor now?

  20. Issue aside, the mayor treated Alderman Shields shabbily.

  21. This job should have been posted like any other city job. It is unbelievable that this many people in city government agreed to allow a tax evader to be hired to speak for our city. Maybe its time to vote the major and all but one of the alderman out of office.

    Racine is becoming the new Mt Pleasant. Dont listen to your constituents on the recycling fiasco-which has a break even point of around 10 years-and now this pr fiasco.

    Racine does need PR help, just not the guy they hired. Someone should tell the mayor to look at his mistake filled Welcome to Racine page on the city website.

  22. What about the people of this community? What about some recent college grad with a drive to work and prove him or her self? What about a real PR Firm? Really unfair to the citizens of this community. Dickert's friends get work, no one else gets a chance! Pathetic showing.

  23. Ald. Mike Shields was perfectly within his rights to request a point-of-order from the mayor. When request was made, the mayor responsibility was to ask the city attorney for any opinion.

    This responsibility is not to gavel down the voice of an alderman, but rather to provide his colleagues as well as the public with an answer to requested. After all this is not the mayors meeting, but the meeting for the public to be a form in a correct manner.

    It is expected by taxpayers, and voters that the council members act in a professional and statesmanlike manner.

    What is unheard of is the council members making personal attacks and taking potshots at the public as well as other council members. This had come very common in meetings that are somewhat intense.

    What is needed is that the mayor gain control through his leadership of the Council and stop having to go own his personal tantrums.

  24. I think most of us would agree that there are much big problems facing the City of Racine then this type of crap!

    Sounds like two bucks rutting to me.

    Dickert and Shields will be working well together in the future because both of them really care about the future of Racine.

    It would be pretty boring if everybody at city hall agreed.

    Stimulation is good!

  25. I like to be stimulated.

  26. hummm --Taking care of buddy's!

    Isn't Shields using his position on the NAACP a conflict of interests too.

    People in Glass houses shouldn't throw stones. LOL

  27. This SMACKS - of self serving.

    I'm thinking the NAACP Board should take a good look at this. Are these little personal disputes what they want to get into?

  28. Anon 4:26/4:48 = DICKert troll.

    Anon 9:42, Colt, unlike you, seems to have some integrity. Just because he doesn’t like someone's politics doesn't mean he won't stand up for them when they're right, or being unjustly accused. I saw the "gaveling down" and felt that they both were acting childish. Shields should have waited for DICKert to finish his statement before continuing, but DICKert also went too far in the manner of responding. Doesn't look like either one of them works or plays well with others, unless, of course, they happen to be family or friends.

    All of those who have suggested that this job should have been posted to find the best candidate are correct. Putting a tax evader in the position as a representative of the city is just further proof that DICKert is either too stupid to know better, or just doesn't care.

  29. You might want to look into the relationship between Eickhorst and Dickert...

    This stinks.

    Kudos to Shields for raising the red flag.


  30. The new mayor and former mayor are sounding very similar. Making side deals, not holding staff accoutable and making ones own rules is a disaster in the making. I guess John hasn't learned anything from Gary except how to make the same mistakes. How's that working out for Gary?

  31. Dustin please report on Attorney Weber statement that the Mayor was wrong and secondly he owes Alderman Shields an apology!!

  32. Good lord man! Read Real Debates link and you will see why Dickert is a little paranoid about his appointment of Ike's Wet Goods.

    When does the Federal indictment come down on Racine's City Hall (and not just for this one little thing either)??

    Someone's Plumber father must be rolling in his grave about now and extremely disappointed.

    I believe the Dickert name will be tarnished once he is voted out of office, if it hasn't been already?

    Was it worth 90K + benefits John?? Seriously??

  33. I certainly hope that ALL of you idiots who voted for Dickert because it was a cool, hip, thing to do (which turned the election into a popularity contest), are happy. You owe the rest of us common sense, intelligent, don't let our emotions get in the way, citizens A F'N HUGE APOLOGY!!!!!!!!

    Let's start seeing them NOW morons!!!!!

  34. Hey Colt: SHUT UP!! No one cares about what you think. Go have a drink with Hat Boy downtown.

  35. Dickert is trying the same thing with CAR 25. From hiring someone who worked on his camp... sorry filmed Dickert without his permission (right) to a job at over $3000 to do the same job that the only City Staffer does now for much less.
    Why do I and others feel this is nothing more then a try to make CAR 25 the John Dickert station, with a crony in charge of it with no city oversight?
    Anyone with eyes can see the team of Mr. Racine at 25K and this woman and 40K as nothing more then the city spending 64K on the reelection of the Mayor.

  36. This is another sign of elected officials not listening to each other. Another link on the Post takes you to a site where the dems are beating up Ryan for his recent proposals. I find it ironic the dems are beating up proposals from Ryan that a few days ago President Obama said had real merit and he wanted to pursue.

    A note to the dems, your own leader is now indicating he is reading and paying attention to what Ryan is presenting as alternatives. Unlike alot of the GOP Ryan is tring to get out a clear vision of the what many in the GOP see as options to the budget, healthcare and other items. Somewhere in the middle is compromise. Consistently beating up other other side is the reason we are in the mess we are in nationally, statewide and locally. There are good ideas on both sides as well as bad ideas. Conversation and compromise will get us to better legislation.

  37. If you want a real eye opener on this one read the real debate link on the front page of the Post. Dickert, Becker and Mark go back years cleaning up each others messes.

    Based on today's JT article on the County losing $800,000 contract it sounds like some county staff need to be held accoutable too. Seems that both the city and county department heads are making costly mistakes and no one is held accountable. If the elected heads don't take care of their department heads the board and council better step in. These mistakes are costing the taxpayers way too much.

  38. When comment was left with the first four letters of Dickerts name in caps, the blog admins deleted it. The following two comments are regarding that decision:

    Anonymous said...

    Pete you should set guidelines for bloggers to follow. Comments shouldn't be deleted because you get tired of somebody.
    I saw that post before it was deleted and there wasn't anything that should warrant deletion.
    I've seen far worse comments left here.
    Just depends on the personal feelings of Dustin and Pete once again.
    2/06/2010 2:56 AM

    Dustin Block said...

    Then go read another website. Seriously, we won't miss you.
    2/06/2010 5:55 AM


  40. Cotl is back?id he catch up on his child support? Colt go hug a tree!