December 9, 2009

Miller Park tax collections drop ... so tax will go on and on

Here we go again!

The Journal Sentinel reports today that sales tax collections for the Miller Park stadium district are 11.2% below last year, and $2.5 million below what the district had expected.

What that means is clear: the damn 0.1% sales tax collected in Racine County -- as well as Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington and Milwaukee counties -- won't end in 2014 as had been hoped.

The November numbers -- which reflect sales from September -- were $1.09 million for the five-county region, actually 22.5% less than a year ago.

Read the Journal Sentinel's story for more details -- for example, the concerns of Mike Duckett, the district's executive director, wondering why this tax is producing so much less than other sales taxes in the state.

One more thing: Merry Christmas, George Petak, wherever you are. Thanks for nothing, but especially for your 5 a.m. vote on Oct. 5, 1995, imposing this forever-tax on us whether we're baseball fans or not.


  1. In order to pay a sales tax you first must have a sale. With the wasy the "Gov and Democratic Legistlators have raised taxes, rates, fees etc there is less money to actualy buy something. The fact that sales tax is doen is a direct result of the lack of sales. Hardly rocket science.

  2. I guess we should have tax is ever rescinded. Dumb us.

  3. Michael Kroes12/09/2009 7:11 PM

    Anonymous 4:43 explains the situation rather succinctly. Why would anyone be surprised by this?

  4. We need to do again what this city did before kick the bums out.
    Dickert and his lap dogs have got to go

  5. This is EXACTLY what will happen with KRM!

  6. Why don't the players pay for the stadium out of their huge salaries.

  7. Pete finally finds a tax he does not like....

  8. recycle carts tax also -here to stay forever.