November 20, 2009

Missing dog spotted Thurdasy night near Douglas and 4 Mile

We got this email from a reader about a missing dog spotted on the north side Thursday night. Here's the message:
I work at Milaeger’s on the North side (Douglas & 4 Mile) and last night around 3:30 pm there was a boxer running around on our property. He/she had a collar with tags on, but it was too scared to come close to me so I could read it. He/she was a beautiful dog, the regular boxer appearance (brown with white on chest). I called the Humane Society, and before I could tell them what kind of dog, they asked me if it was a boxer. This led me to believe that someone has already called it in. But they said it was past their pickup time, 3:30pm???? So they wouldn’t send anyone to come get him/her. I tried for about an hour to catch it, with no luck. I just wanted to put the word out in case anyone has been missing it. Spotted from 3:30-5:00 pm at Milaeger’s on the North Side.

Thanks, Stephanie for the message. Hopefully the dog finds its way home.

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