November 19, 2009

500 Dairyland race track greyhounds need homes

Five hundred dogs at the Dairyland Greyhound track need to find new homes by the end of the year or they could be euthanized.

The Kenosha News wrote a story about the soon-to-be homeless dogs here. The track is home to about 900 greyhounds, but the top 30 percent will move on to other race tracks. The rest will be put for adoption, according to the article. A Michigan TV station covered the story here.

News is spreading online about the need for adoptions. We received this email today from a concerned reader:
Dairyland Greyhound in Kenosha, Wisconsin is closing 12/31/09. 500 Greyhounds need to be adopted or will be euthanized. Please help get the word out; only 6 weeks to get this task done. Contact Dairyland Race Track Adoption Center (262) 612-8256
Dairyland's adoption page is here.

Here's a website that tackles the question: Do greyhounds make good pets? The answer: Yes, but you always need to keep them on a leash (they're really fast), they're not good with cats (because they chase them like the rabbit on the race track), and they can get expensive because of medical bills. Most everyone seems to agree they're great with kids and friendly overall.


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    Joanne Kehoe is not involved with Dairyland / Dog Adoption and has requested not to have that phone number re-published.

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