November 19, 2009

Letter to the Editor: Legislature sold us out on car insurance premiums

Dear Racine Post Community,

Today in the mail we received notice from our insurance company that the Wisconsin State Legislature, as part of the new budget, passed a new law stating medical coverage for auto insurance policies must be a minimum of $10,000. If policy holders do not currently have that amount, they must either increase their coverage or waive it altogether.

Agreeing to the increased coverage results in higher premiums, of course. With so many people out of work and stretching every dollar to the breaking point, why would our representatives sell us out like this? Every fee increase, from medical costs to auto insurance to the price of gas, puts more stress on families barely making it. This seems a most inopportune time to pass this kind of law without a consumer protection in place that keeps insurance companies from increasing premiums to go with the new minimum dollar requirement.

Of course, policy holders are welcome to waive the medical coverage portion of their policy, but is that a risk we really want or need to take?

Wisconsin state representatives should be ashamed.

Heather Asiyanbi


  1. "Wisconsin state representatives should be ashamed."

    Not all of them, just the DEMOCRATS who rammed this POS legislation through as a payoff to their friends, the trial lawyers.

  2. I blame Republicans. They didn't bother to propose an alternate budget despite claiming they were locked out of the process. If they were locked out then they would have had plenty of time to come up with better proposals but they didn't so there was nothing to choose from.

  3. Anon 2, you are out of touch and apparently know nothing of the budget process as it occured.

    Democrats drafted this in secret and passed it on party line votes.

    Every amendment they offered was voted down without discussion from the Democrats.

    To blame Republicans for this mess is lunacy.

  4. Note

    8:13 is a troll working for the dems.

  5. A little late for this, isn't it?

    The pigs help their friends, the swine, and everyone lives happily ever after except the people who have to pay the bills.

    Party on!

  6. Ok a link to the alternate state budget proposal by Republicans so the public can evaluate the better ideas that Republicans had during the worst financial period in decades.

    Oh yeah, that's right, they didn't have any ideas! Instead they spent all of their extra time complaining. Real patriotic heroes we had there.

    The house was on fire and instead of helping they were complaining about the type of water being used to put out the flames.

  7. 10:39

    Guess the Dems pay well to have writers post slanted information on blogs.

  8. 11:30

    I guess Republicans have no answer. Like usual. It shouldn't be a suprise. The party of nothing has nothing to say.

  9. I want the guy who hits me to have enough insurance coverage to pay for my medical bills.

  10. Anon troll your party cuts the Republicans out of the process entirely and you blame the Republicans.

    The Republicans tried to put a bunch of amendments in budget all were rejected by the Dems, they OWN this.

    To suggest otherwise suggest a serious lack of ability to admit basic truth.

  11. You see Randolph here is fine with this exceedingly regressive tax. This tax hits the poorest the hardest.

    When it gets down to it, the left talks a good game then does the opposite.

  12. Where is the Republican alternative budget?

    They don't have one because they wanted to leave Democrats to do all of the work so they could watch from the sideline and complain.

    It was all political. Republicans put elections ahead of their State and Democrats did what they had to do. If Republicans really cared as much as they say, then the way to put up or shut up was with an alternate budget proposal. They didn't do it and thus showed their true colors. Fake outrage to use for election bids in the future.

    Thanks to these limp Republican incumbants, voters will never really know what Republicans would have done if they were in charge during these difficult times.

    Saying the words "tax cut" doesn't magically balance the budget and it certainly isn't a plan. What exactly would these people have done???? Point is that nobody really knows. To put an idea out there would have taken guts and is politically risky. That's why no Republican did it.

  13. Anon 8:13, that is not right. The Republicans were indeed locked out, but did try to offer an alternative. They were told in no uncertain terms that no matter what they offered it would not be considered. So why should they continue to try. This is solely your leftist buddies that screwed us.

    Anon 8:13/10:39/12:32, is just the idiot du jour posting today.

    Randolph said, "I want the guy who hits me to have enough insurance coverage to pay for my medical bills.'
    Well, that may not happen unless the lefties in Madison stop penalizing us who do buy insurance and start demanding that those who don't have it manditorily buy it. It was cited in the JT just recently that Wisconsin is only 1 of 2 states that does not have manditory auto insurance laws.

    Anon 3:17, where were you when the it was all over the news and in the papers about the Republicans trying to offer budget alternatives, but the Dems kept ignoring them and refused to even discuss the budget with them? Can you say "Paul Ryan's budget alternative?" Or are you just too stupid to understand what everyone else watched and read?

  14. wtf does Paul Ryan have to do with this?

  15. Graham

    You're full of it. Show me the Republican alternate budget or stop making excuses for these whining quitters. Either they had no ideas or no balls. Which one was it?

  16. Remember that Doyle's original budget item for insurance would have made whoever had insurance responsible to pay for an accident, even if the person with insurance wasn't at fault. That is how crazy Madison is/was during the budget process.

    As the new fees/taxes hit in keep remembering the games played in Madison last summer. The moves in various communities, including the City's recycling bins, to change how garbage collection is paid for is due to the tipping fees that the state doubled last summer.

    Hopefully, new people step up to run against the state representatives that put Wisconsin in the top 10 of financially troubles states.

  17. Graham, Real Debate, Orbs, et. al.

    READ MY LIPS: I want people to have to take personal responsibility and be held personally accountable.

    That's why I support Wisconsin insurance reform that requires deadbeats to have auto insurance and health care reform in the U.S. Senate that requires everybody to have health insurance.

    We've all been paying for these people way, way too long.

    It's time for them to help carry their own weight.

    That's what both insurance reform measures are all about, here in Wisconsin on the road, and in Washington, for health care reform.

    Many of you are just too blind to see it. You'll just listen to the next right-winger with a loud voice telling you to attend a rally against "socialism," when it's really the call for personal accountability you don't seem to really understand.

  18. Obviously, you nay sayers have never been hurt in a car accident because $10K will not even pay for a broken leg. Then you have to hire a lawyer because your health insurance subrogates. So Fred, I do agree with you on one point - the lawyers are the ones who get ahead.

  19. Randolph, personal responsibility does not start with more money to trial lawyers. I've been hit twice in Racine by uninsured motorists. In my hood they run without licenses, so you think ANOTHER LAW is going to change things? The only people who obey all these laws are the ones who are already predisposed to do so (like you and me), whether it be guns or driving or anything else. I can't afford more of your laws. They mean nothing in the hood, anyway, NOTHING!!!!! Come down into the hood and enforce your laws, or shut up! Preaching form the mountaintop to the unwashed all the time, all the time with the huge ego talking down to others. Get off your high horse and join us in the trenches or p*ss off!

  20. I'd like to thank Anon 8:13 for showing what the left really is like.

    Block out the other side and then blame them in the same breath.

    Rnady, just admit it, my point was this is a regressive tax, and now as a gift to the trial lawyers our minimums are among the highest in the country.

    All of these new taxes, increased minimums, garbage taxes, wheel taxes, etc., hit the poor the hardest.

    So while the left says one thing, they do the other.

    Tax the poor, the democrat motto.

  21. OrbsCorbs and Real Debate, I'd like to add more, but you guys have nailed it. My response to both of your last posts? Amen! I too am so sick and tired of being forced to give to those who will make no effort at all to contribute themselves.