November 18, 2009

County's first swine flu death reported

Racine County's first swine flue death was reported today by the City of Racine Health Department.

No information about the individual's name, sex, age, race or residence are being released, "out of respect for the family and patient confidentiality laws," according to a release by the health department.

So far this year, there have been 31 swine flu deaths reported in Wisconsin, with 11 of them last week alone. The most recent were in Dane, Jefferson, Kenosha, Marathon, Oconto, Ozaukee, Portage, Racine and Waupaca counties. Dane and Portage each reported two.

“For most people, the 2009 H1N1 flu is not severe," said Health Officer Marcia Fernholz. "However, we know that the virus can be especially dangerous for children, individuals with compromised immune systems and those with chronic health illnesses. We expect more H1N1 vaccine to be available in the coming weeks. We recommend that those individuals who are at high risk for severe disease from H1N1 influenza get vaccinated to protect themselves against H1N1 when vaccine becomes available.”

Health officials expect that eventually there will be enough H1N1 vaccine – and seasonal vaccine – available for anyone who wants to be vaccinated.

The county's third flu vaccination clinic is being held this Friday, Nov. 20, at Case High School, from 5 to 8 p.m. Details here.

The Health Department adds: While vaccination will be the best protection against influenza, until more people are vaccinated it is important for everyone to continue the basic protection and prevention measures: stay home if you are ill; cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or with your sleeve, not with your hands; wash your hands thoroughly and frequently; and stay healthy by getting plenty of rest, eating healthy food and exercising.

People who develop significant flu symptoms or those with flu symptoms who are at risk for severe flu or flu complications are advised to consult their health care provider promptly. Uninsured individuals experiencing influenza-like symptoms wishing to receive a visit for flu-related care can call 2-1-1 or their local public health agency to locate a provider. For more information about H1N1 influenza and vaccination clinic dates, times and locations, visit the state's pandemic website, or call 2-1-1, or your local health department.

Caledonia/Mt. Pleasant Health Department

City of Racine Health Department

Western Racine County Health Department


  1. Sad that someone died from this points to take away:
    1) People will died from the flu. Any flu
    2) The sky is not falling
    3) The Feds had 6 moths to start gearing up for this effort. If they can not get the act together with 6 month notice, how in hell will they run Heath Care?
    4) The sky is not falling.
    5) The risk s so small that IMHO I will not take the vaccination, much higher risk in that.

  2. Another Obama mismanaged government program. Remember the commercial "Where's the Beef". Well now we have "Where's The H1N1 vaccine". Bring on ObamaCare - the government can handle anything - NOT!

  3. Not sure what you're talking about, 2:10. So far, the supply of vaccine in Racine County has far outstripped the demand. I'm sure they'll be happy to save a shot for you.

  4. Al - apparently you don't have the pulse of the U.S. - there is a shortage and it is arriving too late to do any good!

  5. 2:21. My pulse is here, and HERE we appear to have enough vaccine for everyone who's shown up for a shot so far.

    Last Saturday, in Burlington, they had 3,000 doses available, and only 1,300 people showed up.

    Two weeks ago at Case High, there were 5,500 doses available, and only 2,200 people showed up.

    It doesn't matter how much vaccine there is, people die every year from the flu.

  6. Al

    The peek of the flu was a few weeks ago.



  8. It's really sad that when a person passes that one person has to use it as a poltical statement. (anon 2:10) Please pay attention to what is happening in the real world and please get the surgery to get you head out of your butt.

  9. Hate to ay this but if the Feds can not do a simple program like this with lots of warning how in hell can they do heath care?

  10. I think it the vaccine shortages have more to do with the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine than any involvement with the feds.

  11. Read what Bill Maher has to say on the topic of vaccination...

  12. Vaccine shortages didn't come from the government, they came from private companies not being able to produce them on the schedule they communicated. Blaming the government for that is ignorant.

  13. I should have known it was the drug companies fault or Bush's
    This like this

    And read the story here about why this was mucked up.

    Has to be Bush's fault Obama can do no wrong

  14. Looks like the radiobots have returned. It is funny because they rag about the government not being able to solve all of your problems but then at the same time they blame the government for all of their problems. How does that work?

    Blaming shortages on the government is radio-fueled stupidity. Besides, everyone knows that it is really Jesus's fault.

  15. As of Oct. 9th
    "Seventy-six children and teenagers have died of H1N1 flu since the novel strain emerged in April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said today, representing both an increase of 19 in a week and a total that rivals the child deaths for entire past flu seasons. "

    Yes people die of the flu every year. In the past it hasn't been healthy kids. Now it is.

    Those figures are from five weeks ago. More kids have died since then.

  16. By KaiserHealthNews on November 17th, 2009

    Opinion: Changes in how the CDC tracks flu cases may fan H1N1 panic

  17. Racine

    Quit the drugs

  18. Once the herd is thinned though government rationed care, vaccine will be plentiful!

  19. Confusion, hysteria, hype.

    How do you like govt run health care so far?

    Yes we can. Yes we can. Yes we can.

    H1N1? No, we can't.

  20. From Canada on the Flu...

  21. Racine,

    "No information about the individual's name, sex, age, race or residence are being released, "out of respect for the family and patient confidentiality laws," according to a release by the health department."

    You must believe everything the CDC or your Health Department or your Doctor says. This is a deadly mistake. Do you think it would effect patient confidentiality Laws to identify the age of the poor soul who died from what the CDC claims to be from H1N1?

  22. Here, from a PhD chemist, are the actual details about mercury in a flu shot vial:

    Myth #1 Thimerosal, when used in vaccines, is added in trace amounts.

    Truth: Thimerosal is added at a concentration of 1:10000. This is equivalent to a concentration of 100,000 parts per billion (ppb). Since thimerosal is half mercury, this puts the concentration of mercury in a vaccine vial at 50,000 ppb. Liquid waste that exceeds 200 ppb must be disposed of in a special hazardous waste landfill. Drinking water cannot exceed 2 ppb mercury. Trace would probably be the last word to use when describing the amount of mercury in vaccines.