August 5, 2009

West Racine turns on the lights

Arthur Shattuck, the owner of Roots & Legends located in West Racine, had an idea to improve West Racine. Turn the lights on.

He's been encouraging his neighbors to light up their storefronts at night to advertise the business district and to increase safety. Shattuck said his store has the brightest evening window lights in West Racine and its paid off in people noticing his business as they drive by.

Other businesses decided to give it a try, Shattuck said. Here's his report from National Night Out (along with his take on healthy eating):
First there were lights. Last night was National Night Out and West Racine responded by a 98% compliance with new storefront window lighting. Check out Molbeck's, PC Harbor Computers and Wilson's! We are open for walkers who want to window shop and feel safe walking West Racine. Drive by and see what some light can do for a neighborhood.

Next, there will be "service and smiles". Wendy Sorenson, a massage therapist at "Roots and Legends" will be offering complimentary massage and Reikki this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the clinic. Arthur Shattuck will see walk-in patients that have a question about their health care and how eating the right foods may just be an answer. Complimentary of course. Arthur stresses "change your diet, change your health.: He is readying his new slogan for the current debate on health care: "Feeding children soda pop is socially unacceptable." Cigarette smoking did not lessen until smoking became socially unacceptable behavior. Shattuck believes the same can happen with soda pop There is absolutely nothing nutritious about drinking it. Window posters with the new slogan will be passed out on Saturday.

Back to school season is upon us. September will see a renewed interest is visiting West Racine. Wait 'till you see what we have planned.

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