August 6, 2009

The mayor finds his mantra

Last September, we presented the first of what since then has grown to half-a-dozen articles, each highlighting a positive aspect of the community. We labeled them Positively Racine, something focusing on the community's strengths, assets and accomplishments.

A couple of months ago, Dustin played around with some bumper sticker designs to help promote RacinePost. One of the iterations he created is above. We didn't forget about the idea; it's just simmering on the back burner.

Later, as work on our new website progressed, he added the tag line to our masthead, and it's been online ever since, in the version at right, as we test and refine our new software.

Well, Wednesdeay our little slogan got a big boost: Mayor John Dickert was the featured speaker at the Downtown Rotary Club, where he pretty much encapsulated his much-mysterious 10-year plan in just two words.

Yup. Those two words were "Positively Racine," he said, pointing out that citizens "forget" how good we have it here.

He began with a short anecdote. Dickert said he went into the Groundskeeper coffeeshop one morning, and there was a woman sitting at the table by the window, reading. She looked up as he came in, and he said, "Hi."

The woman, a stranger, took that simple greeting as an ephiphany. "We don't do that in New Jersey," she said.

Dickert replied, "I know. But you're in Racine."

The woman said, "You're the third person to come in here and say 'Hi' to me. You're all so nice."

"I know," said Dickert. "You're in Racine."

The conversation went on a little longer, with the woman finally stating she would have to think about moving here... which led the mayor to another story, about a visiting couple wanting to go to dinner here for some exotic cuisine. "What do you want to eat? We have it all here," Dickert says he told them. "We have every kind of restaurant," and he said that no matter what the couple named, Racine had a prime example. "We're the smallest big town in the world, the largest small town," is how he put it.

And then he got to his larger point: "I want us to start talking positively about Racine."

And to his 10-year plan: "I know what every block, every street will look like in 10 years, every component of this town..."

Then he told of his experience at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Providence, R.I. "They all said to me, 'If I only had a lake...' 'If I only had a river...' 'If I was just located between two metropolitan areas...'"

At each "If I only..." Dickert's smile got wider. "Well, I have a lake!" "I have a river!!" "I'm between Milwaukee and Chicago!!!"

And then they would say to Dickert, "You must have no unemployment in Racine..." Well, that wiped the smile off. "Eh... we have some issues there," Dickert admitted.

Still, he says, "Why not more museums? Why not a children's museum, an ice skating rink, a..." The list went on faster than my fingers could take them all down.

"I'm going to create that. We're going to start looking positively. The future's not about us, it's about Racine, if we start now with positive attitudes."

Dickert said we'll soon see a change on CAR 25. "You know what?" he said. "CAR 25 stinks! We're going to put positive programming on it, focusing on what we're doing that's right. We have the best city in the country."

And then our two-months-in-office mayor's capper: "I know what Racine will look like in 10 years. Do you?"

Well, no... not yet, anyway. I remember arriving here in 1995 and, shortly thereafter, giving Mayor Jim Smith a piece of my mind about the many-years-vacant lot on Main Street, the entire block east of Monument Square. It was used as a parking lot by the Post Office then, and stayed that way seemingly forever until the Johnson Building finally was built: a better outcome than anyone could have imagined, far better than the McDonald's that had once been proposed for the site. It just took too long to happen.

I think many of us share Dickert's passion and positive view of what Racine has to offer. We're here by choice, after all. The part I think he's missing -- or intentionally ignoring -- is that we want a roadmap and benchmarks so we can keep track of progress -- or the lack of it. I don't want to wake up in 10 years and say, "Darn... that parking lot's still there." I want to see the significant mileposts along the way ... yes, so we can change direction, and drivers, if necessary.

P.S. Want a Positively Racine bumper sticker for $1? Send us a a buck for each you want, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and if we get at least 100 orders we'll print 'em up. If not, we'll send your money back. Mail to: RacinePost, 3315 Pleasant Lane, Racine, WI 53405


  1. He wants to take CAR25 and reprogram it to HIS stuff? Isn't it PUBLIC access? What is this? North Korea???

  2. Where to start?
    CAR 25 only has one person ONE staff person. We need to get more its a great thing for the City but CAR 25 needs more funds for 15K we can bring on ATT and Stream the the channel.
    $50K more we can have the best station in the State.
    We need to show the world what we are here what we have to offer, as a City as a County.

  3. "Why not more museums? Why not a children's museum, an ice skating rink,"

    How does a City with no jobs or business pay for that?
    Please do not even think about raising my taxes for that. Police/Fire sure Need more for RPL O.K. we all get something from that
    Ice Skating Rink think St Francis how did that work out for them?

  4. Colt:

    Please explain how you tell the world what we have to offer on CAR25 when it broadcasts only on Racine local cable?

    Thank you. Your insight is appreciated, as always.

  5. Pete, Dustin,
    for the record I like the blue one - love you guys but I think it is more important to show the message in big letters "Postitively Racine" than the Post be in big letters - besides the blue one is more stylish and more eye catching - i would like to order 1 dozen blue ones please

  6. For someone that wants to talk positively about Racine, I think saying CAR25 stinks is an odd way to start. One person working there and little funding....I think we're lucky to even have this resource. How about we start with saying THANKS! Anyway....

    The 10 year plan needs to be put on paper with benchmarks and goals. Define the vision and let the community join in to help get things done. I'm confident they will and things will get better.

    What is missing is the clear vision and the communication of it. The budget is not a 10 year plan, I'm sorry.

    The Mayor has the right idea with having the 10 year plan, but we need to stop hearing about it and start seeing it.

  7. Easy spend the 15K and stream the shows on line. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    Anyone with broadband in the world can see it. Archive the shows so there out there forever.
    You could send links to companies the City wanted to target to come to Racine (just do not begging here let RCEDC have anything to do with this)

  8. Racine gets 400K From Time Warner The new State law may change that, we need to take some of that cash now and invest in CAR 25.
    We should use the technology that exists to promote this city.
    IMHO RCEDC has no idea what is out there or how to use it. If RCEDC can not even update the Uptown Art Project Web Page (but sure can give the no bid contract) keep them far away from the efforts to promote Racine

  9. Have you ever watched CAR25? It is severely lacking. It has such potential to do some good. I give him credit for even giving it any attention much less trying to improve it.

  10. Maybe the community should just do this ourselves.

    It doesn't even need to be a 10 year plan that is strictly just the government. It can be one that we all share.

    First goal and benchmark: Reduce unemployment in Racine from 17% to 10% in two years.

    You start with these and then start brainstorming on ways to get there. Perhaps it would involve targeted tax breaks and government incentives for new business. Could be in reducing regulations. Maybe it involves things citizens can do to help in an effort to attract business. Volunteer efforts. Who knows....the point is to start putting the goals out there and count on the dedicated, intelligent citizens of this community to come to the table with ideas.

    This isn't that hard, but we need to all chip in and do what we can to hit these goals.

  11. Do you clowns actually believe that BS story about Dickert and the lady in the cofee shop??? I swear to god I read that story somewhere else using a different city name. I will be searching the internet to see if I can locate something similar. If so, the gigs up Mr. Mayor!!! Simple minds in a VERY simple city. Nothing unique. Never has been, never will be.

  12. Hmmmm...All I know from my sad experiences in Rat-Scene is that the place is positively awful.

  13. We DO have ice skating rinks in the winter!

  14. I'm "Positive" I'm going to get out of Racine 1st chance if I can ever find a job. There's none here and nobody seems to be worried about it.

    "Let's tell people how grest it is here and at least they'll be smiling when they're getting kicked out of thier home"

  15. Anon 4:17... and others: Note ordering instructions appended to end of original post.


    Use this site Pete no one pays until the $100 or what ever you want.
    You do not need to worry about returning funds and postage

    All kinds of great ideas on this sort of thing at

    and you can find even more ideas on how to use Media to build image at

  17. Colt

    Pete doesn't need your help, trust me.

  18. Did you get the Positively Racine from TMJ4 with their Positively Milwaukee feature?

  19. Maybe Dickert can do something with the slug that we call RUSD, that is the only way to make Racine Positive.

  20. An occultist I know is positive that there's a curse on Racine. Five of the legends she passed along to me came from A. Derleth, a much-touted Wisconsin writer who'd been a buddy of a sci-fi guy named H.P. Lovecraft. Tale number-one blames worst nations among the First Nations whose medicine men indulged in torture, human sacrifice and cannibalism to conjure up demons galore. The next story implicates a French explorer (La Salle), who might have been a Satanist and who could have offered the future site of Racine to Lucifer. Our third narrative concerns Jean Racine, a French playwright from La Salle's era, who purportedly murdered his mistress and a child he'd sired on her. Supposedly, his crimes placed a perpetual malediction on anyone or anything bearing his name. Our fourth fable asserts that our town's founder--Gilbert Knapp--was such an evil man that his bad karma tainted this town. The fifth tale involves a long-dead industrialist I'll call "Hip Waxman." Because Mr. Waxman chummed around with a prominent architect's consort who just happened to be one of Beelzebub's babes, he experimented with prosperity magic. Unfortunately, the architect's witch-wife gave Mr. Waxman the wrong instructions and instead of invoking good spirits, he called up Mammon, the tutelary fiend of ruthless greed. Apparently, Mammon liked Racine and established his earthly headquarters here. A sixth story of much more recent origin has Mr. Waxman's heirs building a temple to Mammon overlooking what I'll call "Money-Mutt Square." Finally, a seventh urban legend states that a Waxman family architectural project ostensibly honoring the son of "Hip Waxman" is really another sanctuary dedicated to Mammon. According to this tale, Mammon is insatiable and requires the Waxman clan to build him a never-ending succession of shrines. Inasmuch as halting construction could cost the Waxman family and its kin their loot, lives and immortal souls,these devotees of Mammon are doomed to ceaseless architectural activity in homage to the fiend.

  21. Wow, Dustin and Pete! What a great commercial for Dickert.

    Let's see, he lied during his campaign about hiring a city administrator. Then, he puts his good friend in the position with a half-million-dollar sweetheart deal over 6 years when he campaigned that the city couldn't afford an administrator. He's accused of improper conduct in the way he got the deal pushed through. He's made no progress thus far on his promises to bring any real number of jobs to Racine. He couldn't spend his campaign dollars here for printing his campaign signs. He had agreed to a closed door meeting during the campaign in another town where the public and press were to be omitted. He refuses to disclose and part of his (probably nonexistant) 10 year plan. And now here you are telling us what a great guy he is and how we should focus on the positive when everything he's done so far is a negative. Yeah, this is real objective reporting.

    And, oh, nice try on attempting to get the people on this blog site to pay for your advertising. You should pay US to display your bumber stickers.

  22. Wow! Unbelieveable that he would say CAR25 stinks! It is one of the positives of this city and is public access for all!

  23. Dickert just lost all respect by those comments on CAR25, they have done so much, with so little for this community. What an uncalled for statement. By far the best public access channel in the state!

  24. Dickert lost all respect because of CAR25 comments? Really? A guy who is up at 12:30 in the morning blogging and thinks CAR25 is quality programming must really be in touch with the city.

  25. An occultist I know is positive that there's a curse on Racine...."

    Thhis is by far the best comment that has ever been posted at RacinePost.

  26. We need businesses to come set up shop here.

    I agree that we need a plan that involved citizens can contribute to.

    If Milwaukee has Positively Milwaukee then that slogan is iffy.

  27. " No, dear ; but in these lonely country places
    it is the custom for people to nod when they
    pass each other."

    " Why, we don't do that in New York/' said

  28. I'll remove all curses on Racine for the next six years at $95K a year. Positively!

  29. Friends of mine from all over the country have also commented on how friendly we are in Racine. In fact, for many of them, they are shocked by how friendly people are.

    I totally believe Mayor Dickert's story.

    He could discover the cure for cancer and you all would complain he didn't do it soon enough.

    If you're so dissapointed in the direction this city is going in, get off your computer and DO SOMETHING! Volunteer at HALO or the Women's Resource Center. Clean up your neighborhood park. Become a Big Brother/Sister. Tutor for the Literacy Council.

  30. Anon 8:07 this is Anon 8:45 PM -

    I knew I read that crap somewhere else!! I had to read that story in college, English Lit class!!

    Dickert just threw a slight spin on his version.

    Now do you people believe him??

    This is Wayyyyyyyyyyy to coincidental my friends!!!

    I love it!!! EXPOSED!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy the ride Mr. Mayor, it will only be a two year adventure.

    LMAO!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!

  31. Pete, Dustin,
    You guys rock! If only everyone could keep it "positive".
    For the record, I too like the blue one. I'm not fond of bumper stickers. I'd rather see window clings for your home or car. Also a banner file to add to a facebook or website promoting "Positively Racine" with a link to your site.
    What is CAR 25?
    Isn't it funny how so many "Anon's" can be so "negative" about being "positive"?

  32. I moved here from NY state 2 years ago & am very happy we did. We chose to live in Racine over other cities because we see the potential & love all of the community events. We are constantly amazed at how much goes on here. Give Mayor Dickert a break, no one is perfect!

  33. CAR25 is the only true public media outlet we have, and serves the entire community so that anyone can create a program. That is the whole point of a PEG channel, and CAR25 is just as good as any other PEG channel in the state while cities like Madison get 6 times the budget to work with and have five full time employees. Even Kenosha has two plus one part timer plus a state of the art facility. For our city's seniors especially, this is the only way they can see what is going on in both the public and the government, and no one shows up for city council meetings because they all watch it on TV (thanks to CAR25). It would be great to see the 10-year plan on a show that is televised on CAR25!

  34. If you don't think "Positively Racine" is a rip off from Milwaukee, here the link to prove otherwise:

  35. Time Warner pays about 700K in fees to the City. CAR 25 gets about 10% that amount pays wages and equipment.
    CAR 25 needs far more then 70K to stay on the air. The equipment CAR 25 loans out so ANYONE who becomes a member can produce a show, is starting to need replacement(note to Corry please do NOT keep equipment in your car in sub zero weather).
    One staff person can not create shows AND run the day to day operations of CAR 25.
    With only a few dollars more CAR 25 could start covering the other City Meetings cover the Cool events in The City. Help more receive training so more shows could be on the air.
    The Mayor should do what it takes to get the funding for CAR 25 for the money spent it is the best way to reach out to the world.
    We could Stream 24/7 content
    Create Archives of old shows
    Train more to use CAR 25 so more points of view can be known.

  36. Anon 11:52: There's an old Peter Allen tune called Everything old is new again.

    One verse goes:

    Don't throw the pa-ast away
    You might need it some rainy day
    Dreams can come true again
    When everything old is new again

    Complete lyrics here.

    I've no idea where Positively _____ (fill in the blank) sprung from -- ours, the mayor's, Milwaukee's. Not really sure it matters, either.

    But, for the record, all the links you've provided appear to be on stories that were written in 2009... whereas our first use of the term was in September 2008. Not that it matters...

  37. Carol Meekins has been doing the Positively Milwaukee spot on Channel 4 for years. They even give out awards. Not that it matters? Of course it does!

  38. Who really cares, this stupid sticker will not drop the crime rate, not the unemployment rate, not the tax rate....not a damn thing so lets get back to actually doing something rather than debate this trivial point!

    And mayor, the clock is ticking and you have yet to do anything of any meaning in a positive direction.

    Get on with it already just the sos so far!

    Oh but "give him time", BS....
    a little less talk, a little more action!!!

  39. If Colt can say some thing positive, than anything is possible.

  40. What about making it a static decal for my window. Then I am in!

  41. If you don't like Racine, move. If you don't want to move, do something to be part of the solution.

  42. How about making it into tp then it will be good for something anyway!!

  43. Lies are never "part of the solution."

    The only solution is to get rid of the liars.

    Party on!

  44. No alot of people aren't here by choice. The want to leave but cannot sell their houses because the economy is down the drain and everyone is trying to get out. Some can't afford to move so no his statement of "people are here by choice" is not correct. They aren not here because of the low crime rate, growing business structure and great school system

  45. Being positive is a great thing but you have to be REALISTIC. Acknowlege that there are problems and find a solution to fix them. You can be positive all you want. If you are robbed while downtown or your house is broken into, I don't think positive comes to mind

  46. I don't find racinepost to be particularly positive, in fact they thrive in digging up crap whereever they can. Is Dustin going through Dickert's emails yet or is he just obsessed with Becker's?
    By the way, I find Racine lacking in restaurant choices, unless you are happy settling for Mexican or Italian.

  47. Racine isn't that friendly compared to other Wisconsin cities. It is probably more friendly than say, Milwaukee, but that's not saying much.

    In all honesty, the quality of life in Racine isn't that great compared to other places I've lived. I'm stuck here for the time being but plan to move as soon as I can work it out.

  48. More and more people are saying they plan on leaving as soon as they can. Guess Dickert will have alot of houses to sell when he doesn't get reelected next time. Crime won't drop because its the good people moving

  49. Right now there are 600 homes in foreclosure more to come.
    With Obama driving this country more to come into the ground a Doyle doing the same for Wisconsin.
    I am thinking will be lots and lots of homes for him sell. Too bad be no buyers for them.

  50. This place is turning into a ghost town run by thugs in gangs with a city government too scared to do anything about it. I'm stuck here too and would leave if we could sell and find work elsewhere. I have friends that were born here and lived here their entire lives and are now coming on retirement. They are leaving because of what a piss hole this town has become. It's even got to the point where I don't go anywhere without a firearm on me. Some nice testament to your city, hey Dickert?


  51. "Do you clowns actually believe that BS story about Dickert and the lady in the cofee shop??? I swear to god I read that story somewhere else using a different city name."

    it is ripped off from someplace.

    anyways, he thinks car25 sucks, i think this city and the people in the city government sucks.

    whats been going on behind our backs for years in the city government is Waaaaaay more important.

  52. "Still, he says, "Why not more museums? Why not a children's museum, an ice skating rink, a..."

    I know! We could put a children's museum in the old Zahn's building - make it a hands-on thing - maybe call it an Imagainarium - children could collect pennies to fund it!

    Thanks for the refreshing new idea, John!

  53. Imagainarium how did that fall apart? What happened to all that money? The Post should look in to that.
    Was that not the start of the Bank Of Elmwood's troubles?

  54. "Anonymous said...

    Imagainarium how did that fall apart? What happened to all that money? The Post should look in to that.
    Was that not the start of the Bank Of Elmwood's troubles?
    8/08/2009 7:35 AM "

    oh they found out what happened. it was all swept under the rug because the city screwed up yet again.

  55. Anon 7:35. Imaginarium collapsed when the cost of the building renovation exceeded the money raised. (There was more to it, but that's the gist.)

    Bank of Elmwood has been stuck with the $2.5 million building ever since -- has tried to sell it, but a number of deals (fancy hotel, anyone?) fell apart.

  56. What a joke this guy is, Oh yeah there are soooo many great positive things going on in this city....LIKE WHAT? We live here John, and are very active in the community, but that doesn't change the fact this city is in a really bad place, and your comment on CAR25 really sucks, THAT is the one positive this city has and you put it down. Stop the foolishness and stupidity and get to work on things that really matter!! I already want this guy gone!

  57. We cannot with all these creative people in Racine come up with our own slogan? Why on Gods Earth do we need to rip it off. What an embarrassment. Arguing over who came up with it. Neither of you did. It is Milwaukee's slogan. Get out a thesaurus and start over.

  58. Racine is so friendly that people say hi when their dog bites a 72-year-old and then they walk away, leaving a bleeding old man.

  59. I find it amazing that even Dickert "supporters" have given up on him. That is truly telling of his downfall.

  60. Pete

    Thinking the rest of the Story needs to come out by you or maybe Fred would like to run with it.
    My issue has been why did not the former owner of WRJN go to jail over this and who where all the members of the board? Interesting names I think

  61. Anthony Gazzana-Garry Becker-

    The good days;col1

    More digging!

  62. Hey lets stay on subject here.
    Can Racine be a better place? Sure. Are there issues to work on? Yes.
    Can we all not do more? 100%

    Yes its more then a cute phrase, means work means thinking outside the box. Means looking what other cities have done without spending any more $$$. Image is nice ,but that is action not cute words, CAR 25 is a good way to start note we do NOT need a paid consulted to to this!!!!!!
    Mr Hendrix marketing for a living and is damn good at it.
    Lets use the $$ for not a hack to come and tell us we all ready know.
    Mr. Mayor invest in
    equipment and get CAR 25 up and running. Use Mr. Hendrix talent/ideas and turn the city around.

  63. "I was a stranger and you welcomed me" (Matt 25:35). Easy enough to fill in the blanks and use it.

  64. If Dickert was smart he would have gotten the woman's information to use for promotion

  65. Anonymous 1:35 PM

    The problem is that there was no woman, it was all fictional.
    He might as well have said it was Jessica Simpson in the coffee shop that he had the conversation with(when she visited Downtown Racine).
    He's not the brightest bulb.

  66. concrete katie8/09/2009 7:40 AM

    Don't step out with marketing, Mr. Mayor. Step in with some real change. How about getting into the Licensing of alcohol sales matter on Monday 5 p.m. as there is a family that has been trying to get a grocery on downtown Sixth Steet which would be great for those of us who live in the area. Also, how about stepping out by stepping into the traffic flow problems that Sixth Street has and opening up the options presented to us for consideration! Both options are all about the vehicle and not about a downtown civic and retail area plus zoned for families. The current configuration is much better then either of the proposed nightmares! Best of course would be a directional change and a truck bypass. Even better, enforce traffic speed and put the stop lights down at the west end of the street, where the problem is. I attended meetings for 10 years and all these ideas would emerge as good ideas by us taxpayers and then be directed to the circular file. Why? Why are engineers the visionaries? IF YOU PLAN A CITY FOR CARS AND TRAFFIC, YOU GET CARS AND TRAFFIC. IF YOU PLAN A CITY FOR PEOPLE AND PLACES, YOU GET PEOPLE AND PLACES. This recommendation comes this week. Are you involved?
    This twitty marketing stuff is offensive.

  67. How about stepping up to the crime, shooting this morning on 10th & Villa, the REPEATED DAILY prostituion calls along with assaults and drugs calls to the Blind Alligator, no wait plant some trees and they'll go away, Thats really positive about Racine. Your one stop shop, get a hooker and some drugs....

  68. The shooting does not fall into the mantra we will not read about it here.
    The list that we have no business talking about include
    Members of RCEDC- Members of The City Development-Uptown Racine-The AMT in City Hall a man that got the city sued a B.H.

  69. Anon 11:39 AM, did you mean the ATM in City Hall? If so,there is no ATM in City Hall. It was taken out a long time ago because someone pried it open and took the money. Dickert could care less about the city employees. I heard about when the city redid his street this year. His wife was a major pain, yelling and complaining in a very unladylike manner. The street had to be closed to do the work and let the concrete cure, but the Dickerts didn't see it that way. Why the mayor himself even made a nice long mark on the newly poured concrete when he was walking on it with his golf bag. CAR25 can be utilized better. It shouldn't have taken this long for someone to do something about it. The mayor's 10 step plan? I'd love to know what it is. People working for the city are very leary about him. They do not have a good feeling about this guy in how he is doing things or how he wants things done.

  70. My wife and I recently moved here from Seattle. Other than the lake front and the bike paths, this city is really lacking in many areas. Your cable access channel 25 is outstanding compared to other communites. If you haven't viewed other access channels, i encourage you all to do so and than make the comparision! We enjoy it much! As a retired Seattle access coordinator I can say this channel is superb!

  71. Interesting info scully. Thank you for sharing it with us. The truth needs to be told. Fight the power!!

  72. Positively Racine?? You rip off artists stole that from WTMJ. Classy guys.

  73. Grow up Katie. If a grocery store was needed on sixth, Spodick, the saviour of sixth, would still be in business. Instead, he lost out and had to rely on his buddy Becker to give him a city building.

    A convenience store is NOT a grocery store.

  74. If Spodick knew how to run a proper grocery it might well have survived. I shopped at his over priced attempt at an upscale store and he had very little of the items a neighborhood would need. A convieniance store is still better than nothing.

  75. If you are one of the 'in crowd' Racine is great for you.

    If you are something other than that, Racine is a place to leave.

    There has always been a network of connectedness that is good for some families and peoples, and leave others outside.

  76. "If you are one of the 'in crowd' Racine is great for you."

    That is so true I just left the licensing committee meeting I have never saw so hate for a simple store.
    The excuse of the drunks and busted bottles are from the bars downtown now and the events focused on DRINKING aka First Friday and the beer stand etc. Of course we will not go after the bars will we but hold the Chin's to blame thinking... might it be they are Korean?

  77. Doug M:

    OMG. Did they deny the license???

  78. Positively, we are small town and cannot come up with own slogan.

  79. It's great being in the "in crowd", get some class and maybe, just maybe we'll let you in!

  80. The "In Crowd" should be incarcerated!

  81. 12:19 - sour grapes - you just can't get in. Too bad, but we won't miss you.

  82. By your definition of the "in" crowd, I would never want to be a part of a corrupt group like yours.
    I know a lot of the "in" crowd, and I repeat, many if not all should be incarcerated.
    Becker was in?
    Probabaly a friend of yours, perhaps a former friend?
    Any more questions?

  83. 1:52 - Boo Hoo!

  84. 1:53 You are obviously a product of RUSD, very well thought out post!
    Part of the so called "In" crowd, again you make it easy to make the point!

  85. 2:18 Never attended RUSD and never would send my children to that losing proposition - so once again I'll say boo hoo and I'm glad you are not in our crowd.

  86. 2;54 You mean someone actually could stomach you long enough to have children?
    How sad!
    Bet they are sorry for it by now!!


  87. 2:54 - one word sums you up - classless - or maybe two - white trash.

  88. Correction: the "in crowd" should not be incarcerated, they should be incinerated.

  89. I agree. It goes to show that you don't have to be poor to be white trash. Just look at the city council and the biggotted business owners on 6TH ST. Especially Jeff Shawhan. I'll never go in there again.

  90. 5:04 - I'm in with the in crowd, I go where the in crowd goes
    I'm in with the in crowd and I know what the in crowd knows
    Anytime of the year, don't you hear? Dressing fine, making time
    We breeze up and down the street, we get respect from the people we meet
    They make way day or night, they know the in crowd is out of sight
    I'm in with the in crowd, I know every latest dance
    When you're in with the in crowd, it's so easy to find romance
    Any time of the year, don't you hear? If it's square, we ain't there
    We make every minute count, our share is always the biggest come out
    Other guys imitate us, but the original is still the greatest, in crowd!
    Any time of the year, don't you hear? Spendin' cash, talkin' trash
    I'll show you a real good time, come on with me, leave your troubles
    I don't care where you've been, you ain't been nowhere til you've been
    WIth the in crowd, with the in crowd, in crowd

  91. Ha, Ha, Ha

  92. That pretty much describes our city council. Especially the part about talking trash.

  93. Alas, it's sad but true. Maybe we need to vote the "in crowd" out of office.

  94. Alas, it's sad but true. Maybe we need to vote the "in crowd" out of office.

  95. I'd hardly call our alderman the in crowd. There is an in crowd but certainly not them.

  96. What we really have is an insane crowd running this sorry city. While some of them can be voted out, others won't cease to plague us until their obscene fortunes are taxed down to size.

  97. 7:09 - oh, yea, increasing taxes is the answer - maybe people like you working and paying taxes is a better idea.

  98. For your information, I work and, assuming I earn enough, I pay taxes. (If it's anything to you, I'm not on any government program either.) Why are you so resentful of anyone who needs help? Do you think that capitalism is perfect? Please wipe that smirk off your smug mug, Mister, because the next job to disappear could be yours.