August 6, 2009

RUSD director of communication is leaving

Stephanie Hayden, Racine Unified's director of communication and public information, is moving on.

After 2 1/2 years as the primary media contact for the Racine Unified School District, she has accepted a job with the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families in Madison, "very similar to what I'm doing here, as a communications and media specialist." Before joining RUSD, Hayden had spent three years working in marketing at the Racine Zoo. Her last day here is Aug. 21.

Hayden said, "Things are great here. Dr. Shaw and the 'North Star' Vision will really move students forward. I'm really excited about what's happening." But, she said, the new job "offers a professional and personal opportunity I couldn't pass up."


  1. something ironically fitting about goiong from a job at the zoo to the RUSD

  2. The Translator8/06/2009 2:00 PM

    So she is leaving the position of spewing positive spin from one failing organization to a bigger failing organization to put out bigger and better spin. Good Luck with that.

  3. Its about time !! Maybe they can get someone who can write there own press release.

  4. Thank goodness for the public sector.

    Where else can someone still reap the rewards of mediocre performance?

  5. Hey 2:21 pm. Talk about writing - you used the wrong form of their........nice work - are you a St. Cats grad?

  6. The public should be outraged that the district needs someone to sugar coat manure and tell us it's a jelly-filled donut!

  7. Hey Rocket scientists.

    Just how is information supposed to be past on to the public?

    Get lives!

  8. ...and you rocket scietists are probably the same Racine racists whom have made Racine what it is.

    RUSD was once great; before the racists took over the city after the civil rights era.

  9. With this last post, I see things haven't changed much in Racine...

  10. One little witch down - one to go.

  11. "A personal and professional opportunity that I couldn't pass up". Yeah, if people only knew the real story!

  12. retiredteach - lets compare St. Cat's to any of the public high schools in:

    Graduation Rates
    Community Involvement

    Which one would you like to compare. RUSD and their union teacher sucks. Oh, and don't forget the police presence in RUSD - none at St. Cat's.

  13. Why not compare St Cat's to Walden High School. I know who will win?

  14. 8:42 - gladly, St. Cat's 99% graduation rate -over 90% go on to higher education - limited piercings and tatto's - no green hair or mohawks - when do you want me to stop??

  15. So are they going to replace this position?