August 10, 2009

Nine apply for City Council's open seat

Update: Two more candidates beat Monday's filing deadline and applied to fill the 10th District seat. The additional names are added to the list below.

Original post: Seven residents are competing for an appointment to the Racine City Council. Council members will vote this month to fill its 10th District seat, which was vacated when Tom Friedel became the city administrator.

Tenth District residents applied by submitting resumes to City Council President Q.A. Shakoor II. Today was the last day to apply for the seat, which will be up for election in April.

Applicants for the seat include:
  • Donald Dwyer, 2716 Concord Drive, is office manager at Countryside Humane Society.
  • Thomas Gursky, 2213 Phillips Ave., was the first candidate to apply.
  • Geraldine Larson, 2706 Green Haze Ave., is a mechanical design engineer with a second-degree blackbelt.
  • David Martin, 2316 Ashland Ave., is an account executive with QPS Companies. He's a graduate of Leadership Racine.
  • Kelli Stein, 2325 Gilson St., sits on the city's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Board. She's also a Leadership Racine graduate and is an active member of YPR.
  • Dennis Wiser, 2517 Pinehurst Ave., sits on the Racine Unified School Board and is former head of the Racine Education Association.
  • Melissa Lindgren, 1919 Jerome Ave., is an account manager with the David Insurance Agency.
  • Jamie Anderson, 2201 Virginia St., runs a signage installation company in Franksville. The company employs 15 people and does work nationally.
  • Curtis Lockrem, 3328 Drexel Ave., is a retired Chrysler executive. He also worked at Modine in the 1960s and served in the U.S. Air Force as an engineer.


  1. Donald Dwyer
    Geraldine Larson
    Thomas Gursky

    Well these three could work not clones of the good old boys

  2. I vote Geraldine. We need a black belt to handle this Good ole' Bouy's club.

    Hey when does the mysteriously funded flier backing the leadership Racine guys show up? All that moaning about parade banners. Lets see what happens now with this election.

  3. Can't we find a soccer Mom to get these guys to play nice!

    Jump into that mini van and get your papers in!

    Bring the kids!

  4. The Translator8/11/2009 9:19 AM

    Dwyer - Might be interesting.

    Larson - Like to see her stances on issues

    Martin - Nope. Indoctrinated already with LR.

    Stein - Nope. Already an insider.YRP and Community for Obama.

    Wiser - Oh Hell NO!

    Lindgren - Might be interesting as well.

    Gursky - Like to see his positions.

    I hope the district elects someone outside of the current network of movers and shakers. Someone who is an amateur but with strong convictions and love for the district. New blood shakes up stagnant government.

  5. Well, it looks like there is an assortment of applicants and I think it's going to boil down to the what the City Council wants. Unfortunately, I don't think the citizens are going to be heard on this particular matter.

    Personally, I'd like to see someone younger, driven and new to the scene so they don't have any owed 'favors' and such.

    Anyone know who is the youngest?

  6. The Translator8/11/2009 11:20 AM

    I guaran-damn-tee that the council will stay inside their little box and pick either Wiser, Martin or Stein. People who have played the game and are approved by DRC, RCEDC and the family company. Why should they upset their own applecart. The public will have to do that in April.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Residents of that district need to make QA's phone ring and voice your opinion!

  7. Larson doesn't even live in the city.

  8. I thought you had to be a resident of the district by August 8th?

  9. Thomas Gursky, 2213 Phillips Ave., was the first candidate to apply.

    That must make him qualified - 1st to apply. Would't you think there would be more credentials than this?

  10. The only person I even recognize on this list is Donald Dwyer. I met him at Countryside Humane Society when I adopted our family's cat. He seems pretty smart, very friendly, and customer-oriented. I assume that if he got the spot as Alderman he would continue with his customer service skills. Don't think it would be a terrible choice for him...

    Are there any other credentials that can be released on Tim Gursky?

    And any explanation on the residency rules?

  11. Go Denis!!!!!

  12. I want a chic!

  13. NO WAY on WISER

  14. Go Kelli! We need better on the city council than a bunch of old guys!

  15. I would like to see another woman on the council.

  16. Kelli Stien is horrible with follow-up.

    She will never return her constituents' phone calls/e-mails.

    A big NO to Kelli.

  17. Anonymous 9:44 -

    What experience do you have with her not following up? I have worked with her in the past and have nothing but praise regarding her thoroughness when it comes to getting jobs done.

  18. Annon 9:44

    I've worked with Kelli on several projects and she is VERY diligent with follow up and getting things done. I'm very happy for her that she won :)