August 10, 2009

A quick storm reshapes the landscaping forever

Sunday's storm was quick and deadly. Besides the thousands without power --We Energies reported 28,000 Southeast Wisconsin homes darkened for a time -- there were trees downed all over. Here are just two of them, both from North Main Street.

Above, 2911 North Main. Photographer Jason Madson tells us: "Alice Van Koningsveld was in the kitchen and heard 'M-O-M!!!' as the whole tree fell within inches of the house." The tree was downed about 4 p.m.

A few doors down, at 2807 North Main, Jason Collum was out of town, chasing the storm home, only to find this tree down on his lawn. Last year, he lost another big tree to lightning. There was no damage to his house.


  1. Doo Wop Diner8/10/2009 1:16 PM

    If a tree falls on Main Street other than on First Friday, does anyone hear it?

  2. Did it rain yesterday?

  3. Hey Doo Wop, with lines like that, no wonder your Car25 show is terrible. Even Dickert pointed it out.

  4. That Doo Wop program is painful to watch. Who the hell watches that crap?

  5. Thanks that no one's hurt and no damage occurred when that tree fell.

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